Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


Complications already in-game. Please add.

this last one would work if the contract creator makes a contract that they did not equip any smuggle point.


i’d like too see those cards below

  1. No Accident: You cannot kill any of targets with accident.

  2. Enhanced Enforcers: Chosen NPCs by contract maker, can see through your any disguise.

  3. No Guarding: You cannot equip any of the guard disguises.


Also something that is a bit more than just contracts but i think it could relatively simple to implement:

While you play, the briefing screen (SELECT) should display what your current score is. This would let you easily check if a certain kill was noticed or not or if you were spotted in cases that isn’t quite clear.


It might not actually be simple, as I’m about 95% sure that score is not updated in real time. Having the score screen only appear at the end allows the game to clean up everything and make proper calculations. For instance there’s the Noticed Kill “bug” which appears to wipe your No Noticed Kills bonus and then restore it after running a check. These checks are definitely not running at top priority.

It’d be neat to have, but it would be intensely unreliable, particularly if you mash the button right after doing something.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Add “no silenced weapons”, “no silent explosives (breaching chanrges)” conditions

  2. Allow one save (like in Pro difficulty)

  3. Add PZ and HH maps

Bonus suggestion: general kill conditions for melee weapons as well as general kill conditions for pistols.


Well, at the very least, there should be at least a checklist of the stuff that has happened. The game already tracks all this information to the second, which is why complications that force those things exist and are updated as they happen.

No reason to not show you if you have been spotted, bodies have been found, etc if the complications can already do exactly this.


3 more I’d like to use.


Travis asked specifically for three points. Posting “three more” will open up the floodgates for people posting their laundry list of stuff split up over many posts, which I don’t think Travis wants.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. The ability to choose non-silenced gun as complication.

  2. Generic melee weapon kill condition. (doesn’t matter if thrown/melee attack)

  3. Let us re-run the contract to set a time complication before publishing, with all targets already marked from the beginning. (potentially better than marking through a scope, as you could make long distance shots contracts without the need to smuggle a sniper rifle, but IMO we should have both)


My first post and my last are the same thing (add more complications). So more complications is NOT “more” points. It’s the same point. Which then, gives me 2 more points to add, if I choose. :innocent:


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. let me exclude specific complications from my search

  2. allow contracts on bonus missions, patient zero missions, and professional missions

  3. complications for loadout restrictions, like in base Hokkaido before level 20


That is a thing already.


Shhh. Nobody say contracts in pro mode. :shushing_face:


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are :

  1. The ability to restrict people to the contract creator loadout (but I dont know how that would work with unlockables)
  2. Limit of 3 complications per contract so that they have to be chosen carefully by the creator instead of simply putting them all in…
  3. Marking item as objectives to retrieve from the mission (like a specific knife or something like that)


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

1. Pro mode Contracts.

2. Ability to add few custom NPCs with waypoints + their bodyguards

3. Ability to rearrange item + camera locations


A reminder that the suggestions are about stuff that is feasible to do with what’s on there already. Stuff like custom paths, addition of items to the map etc is not going to happen.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Marking VIP’s (Mission failed if VIP is injured or killed)

  2. Mark targets through scope (or just aiming)

  3. Make some targets hidden until certain prerequisites have been met. Ex: after the first target is killed, the rest is revealed.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. More complications. At the very least, add ones that have already been used in escalations (no silenced weapons, no vaulting, etc).

  2. PZ maps added. Bangkok and Sapienza wouldn’t need much reworking. Hokkaido would be cool too if possible.

  3. I’d really like to be able to save in contracts but I’m not sure if such a thing is feasible.

  1. Limiting items/spawns/etc and other restrictions (1 disguise etc)

  2. Scope tagging

  3. Using bonus maps


My top three suggestions for improving Contracts Mode:

  1. I like to write stories for my contracts, but I often have to leave wordy descriptions or vital information out of my briefings because I only have 500 characters to work with. 1000 would be better.

  2. A simple map editor. I realize that might not be possible, but I’d love it, and even if it can’t be implemented yet, I’d like it to be considered for future Hitman seasons or iterations of the game. Something which lets you tinker with elements like doors, cameras, interactive items, and even (fingers crossed) guard patrol routes to create truly unique scenarios. I’d probably definitely spend more time playing with that feature than playing the game. lol

  3. The ability to create contracts on all maps, including Patient Zero and Pro-Difficulty maps. That alone would expand the lifespan of the current game by months for me, and make the wait for Season 2 easier.

P.S. I’d also appreciate the smaller changes that have been suggested frequently here, such as scoped target-marking and the ability to delete and/or modify contracts after creation, but I wanted to put my personal preferences out there. :slight_smile: