Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


You’ve body found, spotted and NTK as insta fails now so the score is updated real time. Noticed kill status will be difficult to update in real time considering the way it works.


Those complications are not the same things as score updates. In fact, it’s possible to fail Targets Only during an escape cutscene, where NPC deaths haven’t counted against score for a very long time. Spotted probably happens at the exact moment the complication failure does but Noticed Kill/Body Found definitely don’t.

Still, it would be nice to know if you’ve been spotted, had a kill noticed, etc., perhaps as little icons on/under/beside/over the minimap akin to the COMPROMISED bar, but if they implement that they’ll probably need to do something like having the icon flash for a second or two and then either vanish (if it could have been a score violation but wasn’t) or become solid (if it was). It would be good for QoL, as long as it’s understood that there’s some wiggle room. It’d also make those tight contracts where someone dies of poison right as you’re about to exit easier as you could wait for the icon to stop flashing and exit instead of having to guesstimate it like we do now.


Totally agree with #2 on your list. That’s what I also said or at least similar to it. I hope it gets added later on in S2, which would make contracts more interesting to play, in my opinion. :smiley:


All I’m saying is to give a notification for spotted, body found (no accident and poison kills) and NTK in the top left corner like we get for recorded.


no agency pickup is nice, along with no loadout, pistol only, smuggle only, pistol + smuggle only… basically any combination of the slots available.


I don’t know about this, there are some good contracts that have used almost all complications. Take Nakar’s “47’s Morning Workout” contract for example.

  1. Multiplatform.
    [pc contracts on ps4, ps4 contracts on pc]
    Well, you understand🌚
  2. Ability to delete uploaded contracts.
  3. Ability to make contracts on professional difficulty.
    Why not?


If you know it’s coming, and you’re waiting for it, why are you still suggesting that they add it in?


umm, ok
i will change


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Allow to bind Contracts I make into a Playlist (ie: “Make your own Escalation Series”)

  2. Ability to add traps.

  3. Ability to add item retrieval and hacking as objectives.

  1. Ability to change who is an enforcer (along with this, maybe make an enforcer for a certain disguise)
  2. Ability to delete contracts (I have quite a few floating around clogging things up)
  3. Ability to tag through a scope

  1. Include Patient Zero maps

  2. Ability to create ‘‘Elusive’’ contracts (after completing an objective, you can’t restart)

  3. Be able to delete contracts


Most suggestions have been for gameplay itself so here are some for user interface:

My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Clickable pages for the contracts selection screen. When you want to revisit old contracts you have to scroll endless times and click “next” 1000 times.

  2. Include a “return to previous contract selection menu” option. When you finished a contract you have to go back to the main menu and go back to the stuff mentioned above in 1.

  3. The “kill feed” on the top right should display all results at once like “explosive kill, accidents kill etc” as soon as it happens. When you have a 5 targets contract that is doable in 1.x minutes you can reach the exit before all messages have been displayed.

  • Able to ‘SEARCH’ contracts via username. The friends tab doesn’t always work as it will only show me contracts of a few friends and not ALL of them. For ex: I don’t see @_AnoMade’s contracts yet he’s in my friendlist and so are many more players.
    Also let us include/exlude certain if not all complications.
  • Ballistic Kills: This includes all firearms, loud and silent and pistol elimination. Also Pistol Elimination should be a subset to Pistol (Kills) like @Nakar mentioned.

  • Bring back Lethal Melee please! It was already in the game yet you removed it for no reason… why? You can just leave Melee/Thrown for the sake of variety, but bring back Lethal Melee (with a Specific Weapon as optional).

  • Test, Tweak (with Marked Targets) and Delete Contracts before Publishing.


I think that was kind of a jokey concept to make what looked like a terrible junk contract into something that actually played well. It’d play essentially the same if you just kept just the No Disguise Change, No Missed Shots, and Speedboat Exit Only complications.

But I do recognize that the time limit, the headshot requirement, and the no KO requirement add something fun, so yeah, I recognize that some good contracts would be made impossible to make with a limit of 3 complications. There’d definitely be a trade-off, but I bet the benefits would outweigh the costs.


Let me write some good ideas from players in one post since many are just repeating the same points.

  1. Tagging through scope

  2. Disguise restrictions like - 1 disguise change is allowed, necessary…

  3. Contract search by “user-name” & “no complications".

  4. Save contracts without publishing them and option to delete them as well.

  5. Saves for practice but block the exit if you load from saved game.

  6. Sort featured contracts by maps.

  7. Generic melee weapon kill condition. Can use either throw, melee. Also make pistol Elimination a subset of Pistol.

  8. Ability to remove loadout/smuggle slots (including no loadout).

  9. Loud weapons kill restriction.

  10. Exclude certain kill method from “Any” like Any method but No accident or poison.

  11. No guard Disguise, Rapid Elimination Streak, Sticky Pistol, No Agility.

Let me know if I’ve missed something. I’ll edit the post.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. The ability to mark targets through the scope. Allowing this should help create more challenging contracts

  2. We need the ability to delete contracts. I created one using the new magnum. I made it so challenging that even I can’t beat it again due to the time limit lol.

  3. More complication like no agility, landmine complications, Items to steal. Stuff of that nature.

Thanks travis!


Thanks for the opportunity to provide suggestions. Here’s my three…

  1. Tag targets through sniper scope.
  2. Save point(s). These can be limited but at least one would be great when doing a first run.
  3. More specific kill conditions, for example: I’m fairly sure that luring a target into a trap with a proximity bomb is simply ‘killed by explosive device’ at the moment, which covers all manner of explosives deaths. It would be fun if we could be more specific and demand conditions such as ‘killed by proximity explosive’, and ‘killed by remote explosive’, etc. Ditto for melee kills, etc.



Wait, I have 3 more:

1. Be able to create a character background for the target.

2. Like someone said earlier, set the contracts into a playlist, so if it’s a series, we don’t have to look up the next contract.

3. Be able to delete your previously made contracts.

Edit: And literally everything @David47 said


Just as @anon71469955 said it