Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


That’s a great addition to my longer-briefings request. Nice thinking.


My top 3 suggestions for improving contracts mode are:

  1. The ability to use disguises from different maps.
    This was one of my favourite aspects of contracts mode in Absolution, not because it added so much to the game but because it was something fun to do. I loved running around the Streets of Hope dressed as the Samurai, there was absolutely no point to it, but I could.

  2. Reward or unlock system for contracts mode
    This may well be difficult to implement with Season 1, but something I think the developers could look at with Season 2. There were a variety of items, such as emetic chewing gum, that were ‘accidentally’ made available to certain users (See Munga’s stream), for a small period of time. Much like in Absolution where you were rewarded with a payment, I think there should be something similar in this game. I think this will encourage more people to play Contracts Mode and would also add to the replay value of the story if players could then use their unlocks there.

  3. Patient Zero and Holiday Hoarder Maps
    As much as I enjoyed the Patient Zero campaign I think many of us were expecting these to be available for us to play in contracts mode and were therefore disappointed when they were not and I did somewhat sympathise with those who complained that we were paying for the PZ content. As has been mentioned above, we have no news on Season 2 and so in the meantime it would be great to have access to this content. The IOI developers obviously take great pleasure in seeing the players roam free with the Hitman game and using approaches that the devs never considered possible and I think they would see considerably more of that if players were allowed to explore this content further.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

1. Contracts Editing/Deletion:

-> ability to edit/delete an existing contract (replace/delete contract, change the way of killing a target, etc.)
–> ability to edit the texts (presentation, title, character and mission briefing, etc.)
—> ability to add a description to targets
----> ability for players to add comments on contracts (associated with ratings)
-----> having more space to write (especially briefing)
------> add a hashtag/keyword feature to all contracts, so we can see what contract was made for #speedrunning or #playthrough
-------> contracts retrocompatible on pc, ps4 and xbox one (so no remaking needed)
--------> allow to mark targets with a Sniper

2. More contracts search queries:

-> Search by player
–> Search by type of contract (with or without some challenges)
–> Search by trending, rating, or most played
----> Search by number of targets to kill
-----> Search by playing style (contract most played with SA rating or Butcherer, etc…)
-----> Search by keyword (if hashtag/keyword feature is implemented)

3. More contracts complications (refer to escalation challenges and more):

-> Vaults (with locked intel, gun, or jewelry inside)
–> More secondary objectives (hack a computer, steal an item, a card from a random NPC, etc.)
—> Ability to mark an item/NPC for a specific course (steal item, stun/kill, etc.)
----> More restrictions (no alarms, silent assasin only, only with a specific gun, no agility, no accidents, no distractions or poisoning, …)
-----> More targets to kill (over 5)

Thanks for caring IOI :slight_smile:


Marking NPC’s or doing secondary objectives seem like geat additions, and will definitely add a sense of replayability to contracts mode!


And why no Pro mode contracts? Nobody forces you to play it. Normal mode is too casual for me, after they nerfed the bullet damage, I stopped playing

Also, is this improvements for Season 1 or Season 2?

If Season 2, customizable NPCs and waypoints are totally feasible. And needed even, if you are going to try to impress with Contracts somehow.

  1. Forced starting locations/pickups
  2. No smuggle points
  3. Specific weapons (so Scalpel any way instead of melee or thrown)


What gave you the idea it was Season 2? Read the OP

  1. Ability to edit or delete a contract
  2. Contracts in PZ
  3. Ability to search by contract creator’s name


On a side note, why is Travis asking for feedback on an in-game feature(which could’ve been improved much before) at this moment?


And as @Euler13 said,


  1. A “Like” Button for Contracts

  2. PZ Contracts Mode + additional starting spot for each Bonus Map

  3. Ability to mark up to 6 (or more) targets


Because they can and will still release patches for Season 1 before Season 2 starts?


1. Be able to rename the target(s)

2. Mark an additional objective, such as a computer.

3. I don’t see this one as a possible way to do, but, why not put it here? Changing the routes of NPCs.

  1. A Higher word count for briefings. 500 is way too little, especially if you’d like to include backstories and specific contract details all in one.
  2. The ability to set a secondary objective/object retrieval, much like certain objects or computers in the escalations. Whether that be having a small amount of level editing where you’d be able to freely place an object or hackable computer, or just marking certain pre-placed objects.
  3. More complications: loud weapons, no smuggling points, “do not harm X person”. Just more things that add spice to the contract and aren’t specifically related to “Silent Assassin objectives”

(As a sidenote: current kill methods need a big tweaking. “Pistol Elimination” does not count towards the Pistol restriction. Let us have the ability to set a specific weapon as a kill method, regardless of it being up-close melee or thrown weapon. Let Melee contribute towards Thrown Weapon, if it stays – it is much more dangerous to be seen with the weapon than to throw it from afar. Risk/Reward balance is good. People shouldn’t be penalised for taking a greater risk with an object, if it results in the same conclusion the creator wanted.)


That’s what I’m trying to say, Season 2 might be starting soon. I think IO are making last adjustments and need feedback


Well if you actually read the opening post of this thread this clearly isn’t about big Season 2 changes, it’s about what fairly easy to implement improvements people want added to the current contracts mode.


Of course Travis won’t just say this

You’re right but they could’ve asked about this anytime in the last 3 months


I think you’re reading way more into this than is needed.
We’re reaching “half life 3 confirmed” levels of speculation


Nothing wrong with getting my hopes high :wink: but unlike Half Life 3 Season 2 is confirmed and it’ll be fully released by the end of 2018(look at the fiscal year report). We’ll be getting Episode 1 soon(if they release the game episodically, which I pray IO will do) or the entire game at the end of 2018


Yeah there is. Extrodinarty high expectations can hinder your overall enjoyment of a product. Better to have no hopes at all and being pleasantly surprised with a product, not to mention that pointless speculation is a vicious circle of: high hopes-> speculation based on opinions and not facts-> user made hype-> potential dissapointment when product is eventually released due to your unbelievably inflated expectations.

Ops, I forgot the winky face :wink:


He won’t say this because it would be nonsensical. This is literally about small , easy to make improvements. Nothing on the OP suggests this is for big suggestions for Season 2. Don’t worry, Season 2 is coming just fine, but this is clearly about a QoL update for Season 1