Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


But it’s Hitman and IO Interactive we’re taking about!


Wow, never thought of this, good idea m8

My list :

  1. PZ contracts
  2. Testing mode for contracts, previously suggested by @Quine. We can edit the briefing, title, and targets. When the contract is ready for publishing, we will have the option to do so.
  3. Maximum 3 or 4 complications per contract


I’d still say this is outrageous. Good contracts sometimes need more than 5. I’d say a max of 6 would be good.


Don’t you think that’s a little exaggerated ? huehue

That might be fine if we had more, meaningful complications


No, I don’t, because it’s stupid to have a limit of 4 complications on a contract, considering that making a contract Silent Assassin compulsory (which I always do) takes up 4 complications itself, and there’s even more great complications like a Forced Exit, Timer, No Disguise Change (Suit Only), etc.

You’re saying we don’t already? We have the ability to make Silent Assassin compulsory for our contracts so that new players can’t just rush to the targets, shoot them and run to the exit like a wimp.



why do you care about making SA compulsory? people that give a shit about the leaderboards will do it SA anyway, so the complications aren’t needed at all for a good contract. In fact, they probably ruin one.

There’s a limit of 5 targets, there should be a limit of 3 complications.


There’s no need to make it compulsory, people who don’t care about the leaderboards and getting silent assassin, probably won’t play it anyway, complications in my opinion should be just a little bit, we don’t need spam contracts where people just put as much complications as they can


Well I’m always looking and prefer contracts with ALL complications. They just need a way to not have them if one does not want them in their search criteria. We dont need to make 1 side happy and 1 unhappy. We can make both sides happy if they made things easier to search with. So limiting them doesn’t solved the issue.


Some ppl who make a contract want to limit how players play their puzzle. For example, to prevent legshots or bullet distractions or shooting cameras etc.
Why do you want to limit how someone creates a contract? If you don’t like it, don’t play it. But as I said above, they need to fix the search criteria to prevent all or even certain complications to make everyone happy.


So you would support IO removing the target limit? There has to be a point at which this shit stops. Complications are encouraged when new players create a contract which floods the game with shitty contracts, similar to how contract challenge packs cause a flood of shitty contracts.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. The ability to delete your own created contracts

  2. The ability to edit title / briefing

  3. All the viable complications that are used in the escalations should be available in contracts mode


That’s why they should add in better search criteria for everyone. Removing things doesn’t make both sides happy. I specifically search for contracts with all complications because I like a challenging contract.
But if one doesn’t, then giving them better tools to search with solves the issue, not limiting it for the other side.


At the moment I only have one, but support many of the other suggestions here.

Ability to create a VIP (Hurting/Killing/maybe even being seen by them would fail the mission.) You could create them by using instinct and pressing, for example, square on PS4.

  1. Specifying just ‘Combat Knife’ and leaving it up to the player/contract creator if they want to throw the weapon or melee kill.

  2. restricting the # of disguise changes in a contract (i.e. Specifying, you may only change disguises once.)

  3. Differentiating between Silenced and Non-silenced gunshots/weapon kills

  1. I want to be able to delete my own contracts
  2. it will be interesting if in the contracts it will be possible to note not only the purpose of the murder, but also the goal that can not be killed

  1. Allow custom scoring standards and/or create alternatives to Silent Assassin, as described here : Hitmanforum member contracts (continued...)

  2. Adapt Patient Zero maps for use in contracts

  3. Contracts in Pro mode


Because it’s annoying when people abuse the whole point of Hitman, which is to be stealthy and professional, and just shoot the target in plain sight. Making SA compulsory gives them a challenge and teaches them something.


Limiting targets is a good idea, I agree, but not complications.

That literally applies to every single game that exists. You get good players who create good content, at the cost of bad players who bring bad content as well. There’s no way to stop that without being criticised for deleting created content or doing something to someone else’s contract.

The same logic also applied to those crap contracts. There were good contracts that made use of the challenge packs, and also stupid contracts that were made just to get over it easily.


I knew I was forgetting something. Thanks, breh.


If people want to play the game like that, then that’s their prerogative. As long as they are having fun who cares?
They’ll just get a bad score at the end.

Abusing the physics, AI, and mechanics of the game is what makes Hitman so interesting. The best/funniest moments I have had is when the game has reacted to something I did in an unconventional way.

Hell, people abuse the game when they do want to get SA. The amount of things GuLe has done in the game while still achieving SA is incredible.

fam, if they wanna play as SA, they can do the main missions and unlock the challenge associated with that. It’s incredibly elitist to suggest that if someone isn’t playing as a perfect Silent Assassin all the time, they need to be taught how to.

The game should incentive SA game-play, which it does through the scoring system, but not force it onto players in some dogmatic fashion as if its the only way to play the game.