Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


Conditions like body found, spotted, NTK are redundant and should be removed cuz the game already penalizes you for these. Rather make these a feature of the base game in form of a notification. Makes no sense that these are only accessible in contracts which have these as fail conditions.


I disagree with everyone moaning SA restrictions should be removed. Some contracts which have a backstory (like most of mine) have some interesting stories. E.g. “The client requests no non-targets are harmed and to not leave any witnesses”. This would make story based contracts a lot less interesting.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Add a “Contracts” tab within each location, specific to that location. What this will do is allow players to focus on completing challenges that sometimes require custom contracts without forcing them to back out to the main menu every time. The Contracts tab would ONLY feature Contracts from the selected location, and ONLY search for Contracts within that location as well. This is a very minor thing, but I think its implementation would just help the menu system feel a little less cumbersome.

  2. Increase maximum targets to 7 or 10.

  3. Change the Contract thumbnails to include some information, such as the current time record, whether the creator was able to achieve SA ranking (some of us don’t want to waste time on contracts if SA isn’t possible), and maybe some icons that signify which Complications are active. This would make browsing through contracts a lot better since you wouldn’t necessarily need to use search filters - you could see everything you need to know in the Contract Thumbnail.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

1: Contracts in PRO mode
Please oh please.

2: Tagging through scope

3: Patient Zero - The first two maps


Not really because you have lots of players that “think” shooting the target in plain sight and running to the exit is a success. So if the contract creator doesn’t want those players to complete his contract, these complications are needed. And if they are redundant to you, why complain about it? Just ignore it. It doesn’t affect an SA player. But to say they are redundant is false.


Would you guys please stop using this thread for discussions? For some of the suggestions here we wait for half a year or more, please dont hide them between posts about how good or bad other’s preferences are.

I really dont want to ask a mod to seperate posts because you guys are all Regulars and should know it better.


i would like to have the ability to mark Laptops or Computers, so you have to hack them, like in the escalations.


Discussion is fine as it’s “part of feedback”. Sure, it’s not point form, but it’s still feedback and he also stated

So 1 player giving his reasons why a certain aspect is considered feedback then a rebuttal can also be used as feedback as to why the opposite is important, hence my reply to c2h6o.

So discussion is also feedback. Bickering back and forth should be refrained. The “why” is also important feedback.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Ability to delete and modify contracts
  2. Chosen NPCs by contract maker, can see through your any disguise
  3. Ability to set the path nps (change the routine of his day) It will diversify the contracts and
    breathe new life into them. I believe.


Maybe not the insta fails but optional ones are certainly redundant cuz you’re penalized twice for the same thing. -20k and then 0 for not completing the objectives.

If the conditions are only optional then those players will still do the same thing. Also kill conditions are still optional so you still can’t force people to register only SA scores unless you always create (Any Method, Any Disguise) contracts.

I know how the rating works so I don’t need this. Live rating will only help new players learn the game quickly cuz many players still think unconscious witness = spotted.


Oh this just came to me and I’d like to add one more. How about we bring back Suit Retrieval in BM?


How about a little SA badge below the checkmark for every contract you have Silent Assassin’d. And the ones that you haven’t, leave the checkmark as is. Would save a heck of a lot of time of having to select the contract and check the leaderboards every time.
Like so…



Good point. But the checkmark wouldn’t be necessary if you’ve SAed those contracts imo.


White checkmark for completion, green checkmark for SA, bronze/silver/gold checkmarks for leaderboard topping? :wink:


1: sniper tag
2: edit, test contract before publish
3: pz and hh contracts.

on another subject but something that also would change contracts mode: custom loadout on training missions and extra starting point(s)/pick up spot(s) for non main missions.

ps. besides pz contracts, all of those things are old requests from me and some other friends.


mates! stop saying stop saying "PZ and HH for contracts mode"
thats not a complication or feature. adding a mission map can`t improve contracts mode.
please :frowning:


Using the requested format… :wink:

My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. A “draft” version of created contracts can be saved locally, allowing us to test before publication. I do not like the idea of contracts being deleted or edited after publication, so giving us the chance to get it right before publication - and protecting us from that persistent bug on Xbox where all your contract details will randomly and without notice be wiped out before you hit Save and Publish - should significantly improve the quality of published contracts in general.

  2. Either allow sniper tag or enable a free-roam camera to tag targets. Free-roam might be too difficult to implement, but if possible it would open all sorts of opportunities to create amazing contracts. It would be great if the world froze when used, so you could fly around, mark the targets, then play it as if you’d just started the contract.

  3. This is possibly a couple of ideas rolled into one, but more toggle options on kill methods would be good. A few examples include setting the kill method to, say, Battle Axe, regardless of being it used for a melee kill or thrown during creation, having a non-explosive accident kill option (of course, only if a non-explosive kill was used during creation), or loud/quiet weapon options.

Thank you!


it can when contracts mode has been so milked that there are very few original contracts anymore


thats not about improving. thats diversity


When NTK and body found are optional complication, it says failed if these things happen during the end cutscene but you still get SA but it’s an insta fail during end cutscense if these complications are mandatory. Please fix this.


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