Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


My top 3 suggestions for improving contracts mode are:

  1. Tagging through Sniper Rifle Scope, this is a thing that many people need to make sniper contracts, without having to go over everywhere on the map. You may have a time limit of 1 minute, how are you going to get the targets marked in 1 minute?

  2. Lethal Melee methods. This should already be in the game as It’s been used in escalations. So the suggestion is to make it possible to go from Katana: Melee to Katana: Any Method. It would be very helpful and not frustrating to see If you had to throw it at him or not.

  3. Cross Platform Contracts, yes. This would be really good, so we wouldn’t have to recreate contracts for other platforms, just to play them.


I’d really like if there was an insta-fail if you get recorded by a camera. It would go great with perfect shooter.


How about insta fail for running?


You guys have some selective reading skills.
These (above) are not the words of someone who wants people to post their points in individidual posts, or debate the merits of other people’s points.
Please do better,


Not me, as I read everything. But maybe you do? :man_shrugging::stuck_out_tongue:, because he also said…

So sure he’d like point form, but what if there is only 1 point? And discussion is also part of anything for feedback. It can help with logic towards all feedback/points/suggestions.

Maybe you shouldn’t put words into Travis’ mouth. Because your interpretation of what he said is different than mine. So if you can ask him, that would be ideal, not speak for him.


Totally agree! That is an excellent suggestion man. I know some people find Mission Objectives to be a “chore” but I personally would welcome that feature. With certain contracts it could be fun (if it “fits” and not just for the sake of doing it just because.)

I personally love the idea.

  • hack laptop
  • retrieve documents in safe
  • leave an item behind on a table (requested by client) “calling card”

@Travis_IOI please consider :smiley:


No need to, his post was clear enough. Use the three point format, only elaborate if absolutely necessary and at the end of the post. That’s not “putting words into his mouth”, it’s literally fucking quoting him.


Lmao. Ya, Correct…as did I. Just when you “quote” someone, don’t take it out of context. So BOTH are fine.

What you, Kent, Urben and whomever else doesn’t understand is, We, as a community, can discuss what makes things worth adding for contracts mode. Just because someone suggests something, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. This way it will HELP Travis decide if it’s, FIRST AND FOREMOST, worth taking to the team. If he sees a suggestion not taking a good response to something, then so be it, it makes his job easier and makes us get better things.

How are you guys blind to this? I’m mind boggled. He’s said ANYTHING IN THIS THREAD WILL HELP HIM PRIORITIZE. Discussion is part of feedback and feedback is part of prioritizing. It works hand in hand.


“anything in this thread” is directly followed by a very specific request to keep this anything focused by following a very specific format (three points in one post and any longer explanations at the end of that post).

It’s also clear that the purpose of the “anything” sentence is to clarify that IO cannot promise they will be added, but they will be used to prioritize.

I give up.


Some more complications from escalations

Hot Disguise


All enforcers with similar disguise


All VIPs are enforcers. idk how this will work in other maps.


1 disguise change, KO


Also create more categories for No KO like - No civilian KO, No Guard KO, No Target KO etc.

  1. A complication that requires players to exit the mission with all signature weapons (silverballers and sniper rifles) that they bring into the level. No weapons left behind, as in Blood Money.

  2. The ability to specify whether a loud gun is to be used over a suppressed gun.

  3. @ObiBobi18’s idea of editing target names and intel. It’d be good to use names that fit a more serious tone. Just wanted to share it in this thread since it is a good thought. This might only work with generic npcs, not key npcs like Jason Portman or Father Francesco, for example, but that’s fine too.

I also didn’t include in my list of three that being able to mark targets through a scope is very much needed, since it was already stated here.

EDIT: To add to the first suggestion, maybe there should be a complication to exit the mission with your suit. However, I don’t know how this would work with alternate starting points.


The way I see it, the complication would only be available if you had started in your suit to begin with. If the contract is started in a disguise then it wouldn’t be an option.


I was going to suggest using a stash point as a place to hide your suit, though I don’t think that’s a good/useful mechanic to add for something so situational


The way I see it, the complication should be available with whatever disguise you exit with. Maybe call it “required disguise on exit”. That way you can make a disguise a somewhat objective. Like kill this target in suit but you must exit as stalker. So even though the stalker disguise has nothing to do with the kill, it can force you into a sticky situation.


This thread is now ‘closed’. Thanks for all of the feedback.

  1. Patient Zero maps
  2. Tagging through scope
  3. Edit/Delete contracts



My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Allow the player to search a creator’s name and see all of their created contracts.

  2. Allow the player to create contracts on The Source, The Author and Patient Zero. I would say the vector too but it’s mainly sniper-based.

  3. Implement all escalation complications into contracts mode.


Oops, it’s closed. :frowning:


Hi all,

Thanks for all of this feedback! I just wanted to chime in and say that it’s now all been collected and digested into two documents that will be shared with the relevant people here on the team. As I said already, we’re not ready to make any promises about what we will action from all of this, but it will help us to prioritise our work and have a better idea of what is on your ‘wishlists’.

Two things to ask of @Nakar below. Thanks again all.

Do you have these things noted anywhere? As much as saying ‘glasses in Landslide’ will help to look into this quicker. Appreciate any notes you can give.

I want to see. Can you send me what you have already?