Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


His list:


If someone remembers lists of others in the past, link them please.


It’s not quite the same, but if we’re listing little glitchy things in particular maps, I really hate that in Landslide, 47 carries a key to his safehouse flat, but that key doesn’t open the front door of the building. He has to use a lockpick to get into his building’s staircase and only then he can use a key to get into his room. Doesn’t make much sense and it makes gameplay pretty annoying. The key should open the front door.


More or less a UI / Menu tweak. Why not have a ‘Return to Contract Menu’ option in place of ‘Load’?

Or Contract search, or whatever. I see no purpose for the ‘Load’ option, and more times than not, you’re going to want to play another contract. Better this way than going back to the Main Menu and back into Contract Search or ID Lookup.



Meanwhile Travis be like:

I am really sure this whole thread was for making S2 better. I dont expect any more patches for S1.


At least give us features which are present in escalations.

  • Ability to remove throw, melee restriction
  • Close combat kill which is Throw + Melee + Unarmed + FW
    and few more restrictions just to make contract mode complete.


We deserve at least one more update.


I just want to be able to string contracts together to create a campaign and to be able to maybe do a little intro video. Would be actually pretty neat. Okay, I’ll take the campaign thing that’s enough.

Honestly, I hope we get another contracts mode update.
Still have my hopes up that season one will merge with season two … err … Hitman 2 …
So that the old campaigns can be played in Hitman 2. But that’s for another topic.


I suspect it would be difficult to implement, but that would be absolutely awesome. It would allow us to create bigger stories and proper player made escalations.


With the current system absolutely. There is no way to edit contracts or the description.
It would be great to have a “Contract campaign creator” where you can add contracts before publishing it.


These are the most amazing ideas EVER


Awww no! I misspelled little! :frowning:


It’s too little to worry about.


i would really like to have the ability to mark PCs and Laptops in Contracts, so you have to hack them, like in the Escalations, would be awesome for Roleplay Contracts.


Yes, or objects like the virus in Sapienza ect. to create objectives, for like true story/briefing driven contracts!


I’m not sure precisely how it should be implemented, but it’d be nice to have the contract creation option of flagging a particular weapon either on the map or as an objective marker. That way puzzle contracts involving weird weapons wouldn’t always be limited to players with a deep map knowledge — indeed, they could help newer players to develop it. I know there are third party map websites that provide weapon location info, but it’d be cool to have the option of making a more accessible contract.


I made a contract awhile back where you had to kill the sleeping band crew member in Bangkok among other targets, and in the briefing I mention that 47 must also steal the Branson microphone, so I think it would an improvement to mark certain objects like that and tell players they must leave the mission with them in order, good suggestion.


I’m a little late to this, but I just realized that Travis asked Nakar for more information about interactions in particular Season 1 maps, including which glasses in which maps don’t count for consumed poison kills. I don’t think he would have requested this info if they were done with Season 1.


I know this is topic is semi-closed at this point, but I’ve been playing a lot of contracts recently (thanks @GuLe!) so…

One of my regular annoyances is being unable to plan for a contract effectively until I’ve loaded into it once to see what’s involved and backed out again, before which it’s hard to know where the targets are on the map or what approach you might want to take. At the moment it’s like jumping into the final stage of an Escalation completely cold. It may be a problem specific to those of us slumming it on consoles, but there’s a lot of friction in sitting through a couple of loading screens before I can start playing the contract the way I want to.

One solution might be to have a map tab on the briefing screen in contracts mode so that decisions like starting location and kit can be made with a little more information about the starting position of the targets. Alternatively, the target images could situate the NPCs in the level, so that the geography of the contract can be more easily inferred (ie as opposed to seeing four headshots of identically uniformed Hokkaido guards).


(Thanks to IOI Lasse for showing me this post)
My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:
1. Marking targets through sniper scope to make sniper contracts
Now if you want to make a sniper contract, you have to go through the whole map marking the targets instead of just marking them through the scope. Another solution would be just to make targets automatically marked when we kill someone (this could be turned off in options, for example)
2. Saving in contracts or just contract creator
My last sniper contract (ID 1-03-8021332-15) was really hard to make. I had to get to the ruins suit-only to have a complication of “No Disguise Changes” and I had to not get spotted for another complication. It took me about 8 minutes just to mark the targets and go back to the sniping spot. But not only sniping contracts have this problem. In my “The misfortune teller” contract (ID 1-07-2822644-15) I had problems with it - beginning with problems like getting spotted up, maybe cause of AI seeing through walls or rotating 180 degrees instantly (though I think it doesn’t get us spotted anymore, not sure) to throwing targets into the well before marking them as targets. That’s why I think it’d be better to give us the option to save in contracts or, at least, when making them (could be also some complication)
3. More complications
You can look up other replies for interesting complications, it’d be nice if some of them would become accessible for contract makers.


As well as/ instead of marking via rifle scope… how about we get a list of ALL DEAD NPC’s when we exit the level, and we have the option to mark them as target from the menu, instead of in game.

This would also mean your 2) is a non issue, as you would simply execute your strategy, and then mark the targets afterwards.

EDIT Also would love to mark non targets (while playing a contract) to keep an eye on certain people that may be an inconvenience to a strategy