Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode


any update on this?


IOI should allow people to edit their contracts

Since the contract mode in H2 got almost no changes compared to H2016 I fear any attempts are tossed because of budget cuts. Or job cuts. I mean the thread was started way after the SE split but I don’t know when they got together with WB. I think around April last year? Might have affected their ambitions on the contract mode.


  • Allow author to delete contract
  • Allow author to edit name (maybe) and description (definitely) of contract
  • Allow author to modify conditions of contract IF no one has shown up on the leaderboard for it yet (besides the creator)
  • New Condition: Required Entrance. Whatever starting location the contract author used, player must now use (If player has not unlocked that starting location, then it will be granted to them for the contract, much like the escalations do)
  • Kill conditions can be made mandatory (like in Escalations)
  • (Low priority) Whacky escalation conditions such as requiring to be in foliage or will fail in ten seconds, or have to hold x weapon or will fail in 7 seconds, etc
  • Make Hawke’s Bay usable for Custom contracts by starting map AFTER guards have arrived, and perhaps open up the driveway as an exit option (Car key may be required).
  • (Low Priority) Make the Yacht Training Mission contract playable
  • It would be neat if you were able to mark targets from longer distances by looking at them through scope
  • (Low priority) Allow author to pick up to TEN targets, but if you pick more than 5 then the kill conditions are unrestricted (Any disguise, any weapon) as trying to keep track of how to individually kill ten people is just a hassle; OR you’re only allowed to pick one set of kill conditions for all of them
  • (Low priority) Let people kill up to 10 people, but they are not set targets… when playing you just need to kill whatever 10 people you can with the set method and disguise (Like in the escalation where you have to pacify any 10 people with fish, they are not set targets and you pick who you want on playthrough)
  • Ability to see other contracts by the same author; alternatively allow a “subscribe to author” feature, and then have a “subscribed contracts” panel on the menu where all the authors your subscribed to have their contracts show up.
  • Cross-platform contracts would save hassle
  • Allow playlists/“contract packs” so contracts that have the same theme or ‘story’ are on the same screen
  • (Low priority) Give the option for contract packs to be linear, so you MUST complete the previous one before being able to play the next (Essentially ‘escalation’ contracts)
  • (Very optional, unimportant) Ability to upload a custom picture for your contract on PC. Some of us have Ansel and make great pictures with it, it would be more enticing to get people to play contracts if they could see roughly where in the map it takes place and looks like, etc
  • Allow a simple rating out of 5 for those who have completed the contract (or at least played), then allow a “highest rated” section on the contracts screen
  • When you hover your mouse over a contract, or go to the briefing screen, just show the play count (or completed count) on the bottom of the screen somewhere (Saves you clicking on it, clicking leaderboard, clicking Global, then scrolling down to the bottom, just to see how popular a contract is)
  • Show what date a contract was published
  • (Harder to program, low priority) Allow people to comment on contracts (Similar to Steam Workshop items)


I began to count which are the most popular ideas and will post the stats once I am done.

Do we want a new thread for feedback on the contract mode or do we keep on using this one despite the OP cause is done?

  • New thread
  • This thread

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Can it just be moved to the H2 section?



We can do that if we decide to keep this thread I’d say.