For all the DUNE fans out there, seen on Reddit: a random NPC named Paul Mu Adib!


I wonder who the Dune fan is?


This is already on the “things about HITMAN you just found out” thread (or was it the Easter Egg thread). I suggest linking it to those threads.

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Doesn’t look anything like Kyle McLachlan, though.



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My bad, didn’t realise. Did do a forum search for it, but couldn’t find it.

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That is all right. Nice new avatar.


Yep, that’s me posting on both HMF and Reddit. :grinning:

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Walk without rhythm and you won’t attract the worm.

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Nice! Only 8 months after I posted it on Reddit :slight_smile:


Better late than never :slight_smile:

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Thankee kindly! 20 characters.

You posted this on Reddit originally?

On top of this let’s not forget about Denis Villeneuve directing a Dune movie as we speak! hyyyyype

Never read the books , though I was big on the game they produced called dune 2000 that fame rocked !

Yep. Serious_pony and serious_pony.

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The first one is absolutely superb, a real masterpiece. I was put off the rest of the series, the description was that the second was okay, the third and fourth terrible - but the fifth and sixth were again superb. Felt like too much hard going to get back to good stuff!

They are all good. 3-rd is far from being terrible, it’s good if you understand what author is trying to say.

I’m beyond hyped; Denis is a god to me, the best director working today imo. This is what spurred me to reread Dune and Messiah, and finally get around to Children, God Emperor, Heretics, and now Chapterhouse: I wanna make sure my body is ready when the movie hits next November!

Put off because of what others said… or because of what you yourself read?

The third (Children of Dune) was my favourite, as it closes the first trilogy… That was until I read the fifth (Heretics of Dune) which quickly became my new favourite. I’m on Chapterhouse: Dune now, the sixth and final novel, and I’m loving it. Yes, God Emperor of Dune - the fourth - is a tricky read as it’s very a very cerebral, dialogue-based debate essentially, with little action… though when the action does hit it’s glorious.

I think the big issue for a lot of people with everything after the first Dune novel is they wanted to typical Hero’s Journey mythos, while Frank Herbert was in fact going out of his way to deconstruct that mythos; it was a little ahead of its time, I think, and is perhaps even more relevant today than it was way back when he wrote it… I’m still reading passages filled with pithy ideas that feel like commentaries on the dire sociopolitical climate we find ourselves in today, and I love it for that!

Long story short: if you want more than just some action-adventure, do give the rest of the books a go. It’s ultimately one of the greatest Greek tragedies of our times, a story that is - at its absolute core - about survival at all costs, and therefore an absolutely primal and essential reading of the human condition.

Children of Dune’s ending was so totally poignant and cathartic for me, such a pathos-filled and fitting ending to Paul and Alia’s arcs… Alia jumping from the top of the temple gutted me, as well as Paul’s realisation that he could not stop the inevitable, and then Leto II’s warning to Farad’n as he him to Ghanima and paves the way to his thousand years reign as the Tyrant. Fucking breathtaking…

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Of course I understand the point you made, I don’t just accept anyone’s view of things, rather with a limited amount of time and energy if I hear too many bad reports I tend to avoid something. Did the same with the Matrix films - I have only seen the first one. Anyway, need to drink tea and get going.