For the love of God, cut down the light bloom in the Windows IO


First off, I love this map. Best looking and most interesting atmosphere by far. But as someone who loves to snipe, I’d love to be able to shoot from within houses and take out my target, safely concealed within a random home. But that’s Damn near impossible with the overkill of light bloom pouring into every window. In fact it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t affect my scope on my sniper rifle. There’s so many locations that just beg for sniping only to blind you with pure light once you actually try it. I’m sure this wouldn’t take too much to fix.


Yep,noticed that too.Another Life really has some awful lighting


Leeet the sunshine :musical_note:


Pretty annoying indeed ><


This might be the initial look of when you first enter a room with this much light, but the human iris would naturally adjust.

They have the same thing in some places in Sapienza at night. I’m hardly ever one to complain about such things, but even I have a reaction to it.


Directed by: JJ Abrams.