Forum Game: Briefing-Writing Challenge


Rules : Write a briefing based on a brief prompt

After a certain amount of time has passed,there will be a vote on which written up briefing is the best

Whoever wins will be the one to set the next prompt

First Prompt

Write a briefing based on these target codenames

° The Heir

° The Trophy Wife


Nice idea! I haven’t written a briefing in a looong time, so I may be a bit rusty, but that won’t stop me from giving it a go :smile:

"Good afternoon, 47.

Your destination is the Austrian ski village of Arlberg, a place of renowned natural beauty and the home to your two targets, Oskar and Selena de Waal.

Oskar de Waal is the current heir to the internationally renowned chocolate company Couverture, of which Oskar de Waal’s father, Wilfred de Waal, is the CEO. With Wilfred on his last legs as of late, both the shareholders and Oskar are preparing for the inevitable passing on of the role of CEO. Our client has hired us to make sure that this succession does not take place.

Your second target, Selena de Waal, is suspected by our client of not only being Oskar’s trophy wife, but of also being a black widow. Since the announcement of Oskar’s imminent ascension, Selena has taken out a lucrative life-insurance policy on her husband, and our client’s intel suggests that she has been making numerous suspect transactions with a bank in Switzerland.

Our client has requested that both targets be eliminated in a succint timeframe, so that neither can profit from the other’s death. You will most likely find Oskar de Waal in and around his estate, finalising the details necessary for him to take possession of Couverture, while ICA intel places Selena de Waal down in the village, no doubt using her husband’s money to fund her lavish lifestyle.

The clock is ticking, 47. I shall leave you to prepare."


The Heir

Good Morning 47. Welcome to San Fransisco.

Your Target is Scott Gary Christopher. He is the heir to a sizeable Crypto-ming firm with sites all over the world and assets in the billions.

Not content with private wealth Mr. Christopher wants fame and has begun recording at his own expense various artistic projects all designed to gather public awareness of himself. Vlogs with questionable political material while taking hard drugs, reality t.v seasons worth of content with elicit behavior and alcoholism posted online, video game streaming of the most violent FPS content-all of it free given, expertly produced and expensively advertised. All of it for attention.

This presents a problem for our client who represent a sizeable share of the ownership of the company. With the owner of the company already bedridden there is fear Mr. Christopher’s behavior will shine a negative light on the company at a time when the industry is particularly weak. Some of their worst fears were realized when after a 20 hour drug fueled gaming being he admitted that North Korea was one of the companies clients.

Your Target roams the locked off section of the mall flanked by his entourage and protected by his personal body guards followed by the paparazzi Scott Gary Christopher is going to be hard to reach. Find a way to accomplish this one discretely 47, our client has requested it.

Good Luck.

The Trophy Wife

Good Evening 47. Welcome to Chicago.

Your Targets are Lesley Sabick and Darren Zimmerman. Lesley Sabick is the widow of beloved community activist lawyer Einstein Jackson. Jackson fist came to national prominence after successfully proving in the supreme court that a minority student didn’t cheat on a college entrance exam and that one of the nation’s most prestigious universities denied her entrance due to racial animosity. After that Jackson toured the country writing books, doing television and taking high profile cases-until his untimely death three years ago.

The media blamed the many enemies of Mr. Jackson, but our client the family of Mr. Jackson, has produced evidence showing it was a former Chicago Police Department officer who along with Ms. Sabick’s help planned the assassination of Mr. Jackson.

Our client has requested the elimination of Lesley Sabick and her Hitman turned lover Darren Zimmerman as they reside in their Chicago high rise. Be warned 47 Mr. Zimmerman is very paranoid and has gone to great lengths to protect himself. He is sure to be armed even inside his residence, and there will be a private security system and maybe a panic room. The client requested we make this one look like a robbery. 47 better steal some valuables.

Good Luck.

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Well seeing that this hasn’t caught on, I’ll do the next one:

  • The Cold Paladin
  • The Barbarian Imp
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Good morning 47

Your destination is the San Diego Comic Con. Your targets are Richard Fitzpatrick and Anthony Connor. Two young black hat hackers and conspiracy theorists who have caused dozen of leaks of private government documents in the name of " full disclosure "

The targets are at the convention in order to take part in a televised match of Witches and Whispers,the famous fantasy board game.

The match is not scheduled until later this morning so both targets are prowling the convention meeting up with their idols .

When the match begins the targets will be playing two of the lead characters in the campaign,Fitzpatrick as " the mighty Cold Paladin Freexor " and Connor as the " Barbarian Imp,Conferious " . They will be under close watch during this event but I’m sure you’ll find a way.

I will leave you to prepare.

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