Forum "Night mode"

( I hope this is the right corner for this question/ idea…)
What about an “Night mode” for the whole Forum? It would change the white coulor into a black/ grey one, and all the dark stuff like headlines, or text would turn white. You could turn it on/ off by clicking a button.
Twitter has it, as an example. It is just an idea, and I understand if its not possible, I believe that the leaders or admins have already enough to do.


I believe a Discourse update for this is in the works. I remember it being mentioned a few weeks ago on this forum.

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Oh ok, thank you for telling me!

Yes, I mean whole. The night mode was just an idea, would be a cool feature for the forum.

do you mean owners?



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Is that the browser night mode or Discourse night mode?

How? My eyes want it so bad :smile:

Addon, I filter to only HMF.

woohoo me too! thanks for the tip @WIK

btw, extension on chrome is called deluminate :thumbsup:

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About deluminate addon.
You add sites, so filter is set to no sites by default. No color settings but not really needed.

Seem to be default on some sites, like YouTube. Easily removed by shift+f12 though.

Try to catch them Batman.

How do I make it grey? It’s pitch black for me.

Catch us before you’re banned :upside_down_face:


Wtf are you going on about? lol


Uber are you alright my man?


Oh please go ahead, come here.

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Enable low contrast
Still black but will look like Pissfloyd have.

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