Forum performance and images

Just putting out a message as some of you may notice that the forum is acting a little sluggishly right now and that avatar are sort of disappearing and reappearing for some people.

The forum has recently been patched and part of that patch is the image optimization has been tweaked, so currently the server is going through and re-optimizing a whole bunch of images.

How many images? Well this is a video game forum so a lot of images.

Once that’s sort it should be back to normal and everything should be fine.


@Jarbinger I tried to upload a picture I just took from my iPhone. This never happened before. Has something changed?

First pic was turning phone sideways. I tried again with phone upright and it worked.

The file size limit has always been in place, though the software recently doubled it (by default)

The only thing I can think of is that some aspect of the photo pushed it just over the limit where previous photos had gone under (possibly due to complexity, digital zoom, etc)

WTF is this @Jarbinger ?
Why you have to adopt mkII look for Hitman logo ?
Earlier b&w logo was cool.

Seeing how a few design aspects works across different skins and platforms.

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On web it is same as old. Which is good. But on mobile the color looks hideous.

I actually think it looks pretty good, better than before for sure since it doesn’t blend into the dark background now


In so glad this is now on mobile, I know I could access it on moblie anyway but now it’s on my home screen it’s so much better. I like the logo a lot as well. Thanks a lot for this!

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I think it would look better if you replaced white with grey (like categories/search button)

I’m talking about night version btw

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I’m using this forum in its “black” version and consider this an improvement. The old logo was practically invisible in this mode.

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looks interesting


Was my late night photoshop adventure - I’m thinking I’ll replace it with something more modern to better fit the overall aesthetic.

Maybe just the Mk 2 sticker… :wink:


No where else to post this and it certainly doesn’t need its own thread (although some other person will likely make one lol). I LOVE the new purple pinkish forum logo.

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I’m gonna ask here:

Sometimes, when posting set of pictures, some of them won’t display properly - can’t browse between them or full-size them by simple clicking, only by right click/view image. (E.g. last three images here) Is this a bug and can i avoid it, without reuploading again and hoping, that it won’t mess up another pic instead? Or i’m just doing something wrong…

usually it only happens if you just uploaded the pics. after a bit, it should allow you to full size them by just clicking. those 3 pics are clickable for me

Huh, strange. They are still unclickable for me even after 4 hrs of uploading them, both on desktop and on mobile and both in Firefox and Chrome.
Checked my older uploads from weeks ago, that had some unclickable pics in them too, and they are still like that. Not sure, what’s happening then.

They won’t show up as a link in the activity tab either:


The forum has a bunch of optimization algorithm’s it runs and one is that it will make some images expandable and some not… I’m not entirely clear on all the criteria but generally speaking if you want to display galleries of high fidelity images - it’d be better to do them offsite.

Both for your convenience and the viability of running the forum long term as images are currently by far the biggest overhead issue.

(So, side note… experimenting with hosting them on Amazon… despite how much I hate Jeff Bezos)


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