Four years later, what do you feel about Hitman: Absolution?

It’s been long since Absolution came out, and I still remember the hype before release, the fears of the fans, the long arguments we had over the game, and ultimately the hopes that Hitman 6 would not repeat the mistakes of Absolution.

So one and a half year later, what do you feel about Absolution? Do you think your initial opinion was a bit harsh? Do you like it or hate it now? Do you still play it?

As long as we don’t get into another heated argument over Absolution, you’re welcome.

I feel its a good, competent game on its own. But it’s a awful Hitman game, with some truly terrible design choices. Although that is the same thing a felt a month after release.


I still love it, it is my second/third favorit Hitman game in the series. Silent Assassin being the best and then either Absolution or Contracts have to fight for a second or third place. Still think the game holds up today, but i’m not as exited as when i played the game in the summer of 2012. Absolution have some good and some bad sides, but for me the good weighs the most.

My biggest minus about Absolution is some of the levels are to forced, and the disguise could have been more balanced.
But i love the gameplay, i runs smooth, great graphics and some very cool levels (King of China town, Run for your life, Huner and Hunted and so on). Plus 47 have never looked so good :slight_smile:


I love Absolution since Day 1, it has so many beloved elements and cool moments, it’s a worthy Hitman for me, with some odd design choices. I feel already some kind of nostalgia remembering some missions. Shaving Lenny, Blackwater Park, the corn field in Attack of the Saints and many more segments = all time favourites by now.


It was pretty meh…

I still have mixed feelings towards it. As my first Hitman, I went in not knowing what to expect, but I was disappointed with it. I’m still not a fan of the level design as many levels only give you one disguise, so you had to rely exclusively on cover stealth. Some of my favorite missions such as Shaving Lenny and Blackwater Park offered large areas with plenty of disguises so you had options for social stealth. I wish the game offered more of that, than say Run For Your Life, Operation Sledgehammer, or Countdown where you had to awkwardly roll around and duck behind random objects.

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I like Absolution. It’s a great stealth game, but it doesn’t deliver the Hitman feel I expected. As people have already said, that is because of the odd design choices. The disguise system was totally reinvented and while it did seem to base on a good idea (every guard has his own suspicions and AI in the same suit are more alert) it did get pretty annoying for the player for being so “clever” and basically forced you to take the “hide and sneak” type of play.

Another odd desing is the level design. It’s way too linear to be a distinctive Hitman game, but still contains various options for moving forward and accomplishing your mission, which is nice. I also feel that the story (which was a decent one) guided the locations too much and didn’t allow the game to take place in various (perhaps exotic) locations. SA had 47 doing work for the agency to get info from Vittorio, Contracts is flashbacks and Blood Money is some reporter digging old stuff. Those plotlines might not be great, but they allowed great diversity in locations. Hopefully they’ll be capable to unite those two aspects and make H6 a great game both storywise and location-wise.

Then there’s of course Instinct, which is something we “core-fans” might find odd and even repulsive. I had that reaction and to some degree I still have. I think instinct could be a great way to make the game easier for newer players to the series, but should in no way force it’s usage and should be turned off in higher difficulties. Hiding in plain sight shouldn’t need instinct. If I’d be the game designer, I would remove everything else but the visual properties of Instinct so that the only thing it would help with would be seeing the guards, their routes and usable objects in the environment. Something to help the newcomer and not something everyone is forced to use in order to stay hidden.

Now to something positive since I feel all I have been doing is complaining. I actually started Absolution over again, and absolutely loved the King of Chinatown on my current playthrough. It has many assassination options even being as small as a level it is. This is what the whole game should’ve been in my opinion in terms of design. Also the mechanics have improved a lot from the previous titles and for example I like the ability to take cover and hide bodies in closets and such. It also runs smooth, looks great and the controls are way more accessible at least on PS3 compared to previous titles in PS2. Yes I am not pc master race, my laptop can’t handle such greatness.

TLDR; Great game, although made some things wrong imo.


Apart from this, I agree with everything else. :slight_smile:


Absolution was a really good game. I have never been more excited for a game before and it’s one of my most played games of all time. I played it like crazy for the first couple of months, then kind of stopped playing it, then I started playing it more, then stopped etc. I don’t really play it much anymore, not only because I’m playing other games but because I’ve pretty much done every single thing in the game. I were however disappointed at the lack of sandbox levels but overall it’s one of my favorite game of all time.

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I still feel the same way i did back then. I like the game but like any other Hitman game to date, I feel that it has great things, but bad things aswell that do not make the experience as well as I would have liked.

I would have played it more were it not for my almost dead ps3. :frowning: However, I stil think they could have made the disguises play better on purist and force less of the story into the level design and the game could have benefited immensely from more targets to kill. Basically the same complaints I had back then, i still have now. But on the whole, it’s as good as any Hitman game tbh. At least for me. :smile:

But I have a feeling that H6 will the THE Hitman game.

Nothing has changed in my opinion. It’s a competent stealth game but it’s not, by any means of the word, a Hitman game. Too much reliance on the cover stealth as opposed to disguise, instinct serving as mana bar for disguises to be powerful was bad, the disguise system was just terrible overall, the level design was too linear and designed around cover stealth.

It succeeded at what it tried to be, but what it tried to be was not a Hitman game.


My feelings are pretty much the same for Absolution. I don’t hate the game nor was I really disappointed by it, because everything that was previewed was in the final product. What was shown was what I got. Problem is H5 was…misguided in it’s direction. So not disappointed but let down a bit.

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Absolution is a very polarizing game, but I love it nonetheless. It’s a labour of love and has been built by some very talented people over a large amount of time. There’s a very satisfying set of mechanics in place and arguably the best thing about the game is the attention to detail in the game worlds, Everything was soaked in atmosphere, making it a joy to play. I bill it to my friends as a very stripped down, raw version of Hitman - It’s not trying to retread past glories, but instead trying to make a new first impression. It was the first Hitman game for 6 years and the first (and only) Hitman game of its generation, so they had to give 47 a big reintroduction.

I still feel the same way about the game as I did previously. It’s not just a great game in its own right, but a worthy entry into the series as a whole. The only universal disappointments for me were magic pockets, and the over-the-top grindhouse story did leave for some disappointing showdowns with key villains.

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I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Blake Dexter risked it all for what is effectively less than 1% of his net worth.


I didn’t see the money as the “be all and end all” of his plan - Just another way of asserting himself and getting a quick fix. He was about to take Victoria back to his labs and I’m guessing the research prospects from her would be massively profitable to his arms industry.

Then again, I don’t know for sure. The story was a bit of a mess… it clearly went through the meat grinder when revising the game. It’s a shame, because a lot of the characters, while caricatures, were extremely well performed. With a better story, they could have done something special.

He was actually holding her for ransom the entire time. That’s basically the entire story. If you remember, one of the ‘doctors’ you have to assassinate mention Dexter’s a fool (or something like that) for not keeping the girl to learn more about her abilities. All Dexter wanted was $10 million from the ICA in exchange for Victoria, even though he’s likely a multi-billionaire.

Quite a stupid, lousy villain if you want my honest opinion.


I liked it when it was released, and I like it now, probably a bit more.
Obviously it isn’t what most would consider a traditional Hitman experience, but I think the developers got a lot of things right in spirit. I am very much for “acting the part” and more active involvement in making the disguise work, for instance.

The absolutely biggest problem I have with the game is the checkpoint system. That doesn’t mean that individual checkpoints can’t have value, but as a whole it just felt wrong.

It has a few great classic Hitman levels. Just recently I binged on playing the penthouse part of Blackwater Park for instance, and it is truly a great Hitman level once you get the subtleties down.

I only ever play the game on Normal, which says something about what went wrong on higher difficulties I think (on Normal disguises feel the best balanced). In all previous games I used to play on Professional.

Some of the value of the game I only realized after a few replays. Playing the Cemetary Entrance mission like it’s the Sniper Challenge never really hit me until just recently… and it’s a lot of fun.

My experience with the game has not been as harrowing as it seems it has been for some other fans, but I have to say I am relieved to see they will be returning to more traditional maps again.


I am a fan of pretty much every game mechanic. It’s just the levels, story and over-reliance on linear play that I dislike. If the game didn’t have a checkpoint system, for example, in Run for your life and you could go back and forth it would be amazing. But as is it felt like a lot of tiny levels without contracts and it came off as a waste of time.

Just imagining if they remade H2 with Absolutions engine is exciting prospect, because the game pIays so well. And I used “cover” as it were in previous games too, except then it was just standing around the corner facing the wall and turning the camera too see. Which looked odd, although not as odd as the lean you could do in H2 and H3.

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I liked Absolution, and do still play I Have around 1,067 hours of play time, Most of this was Dedicated to Contracts mode and I have met some great people from around the world, I only ever played the Single player on Purist Including all challenges so It took me a while to complete the story mode Tbh. Personally I think I have had my money out of the game, also I have had 3 of my contracts featured by IO for the PC which was nice.

I Really hated the magic pockets, and lack of holstering animations which just seemed rushed IMO - really want to see some badass animations for H6… And it is imperative that the (Sniper Case and Binoculars Return)

It wasnt bad but after swithcing to windows 8 I get random crashes so I don’t really play it atm.