Fournier and Franchise

I have been playing Hitman: Contracts for a long time, but I didn’t find any proofes, that Albert Fournier works on Franchise. All theories about his addiction to Franchise are only guesses. There are no allusions and references to Franchise in Contracts and no allusions to Fournier in Blood Money.

Can you tell me any facts, which can confirm this?


Well, he knew who 47 was and Alexander told the reported that they had some one on the inside. Guess its this detective.


And also, if I’m not mistaken, Richard Delahunt was friends with Fournier. Perhaps he was involved with The Franchise as well?


Most likely since he was aware of 47’s status as a clone. In the end i believe is a 50% chance either way. Delahunt was an ambassador and Fournier a chief of police, both men of power probably under the franchise’s payroll.

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You could ask White over at discord she might know more.