Free Camera Mode?


Hi, recently in the recommended youtube videos i saw this one made by DANNYonPC and i notice, during the video, that he can freely move the camera and freeze the “time” of the game. There is something that can let me do this? If yes, someone knows how to do it?

(I hope you understand me, i’m not good in english, sorry)



Thanks! :slight_smile:


Could someone please make a video or steps on how to do it?


Download and unpack zip. Run game. Run Extreme Injector v3.exe. Hit “Inject”. Press Insert on keyboard to turn it on and off.


Thank you!


Sorry for revive this old thing, but has something changed since December, so i can’t get it to work?

First of all there’s no any .exe file in the zip file, neither any dlls.
But i downloaded and installed extreme injector v.3.6.1. from . Unfortunately it wants some dll files to work, does it have to be a dll files of Hitman? Where can i find them?

I wanted to create some animation for the next elusive target, but i can’t get this shit to work. Does somebody know how to fix it?


The Hitman.exe updates every time with new game patches. So the injector needs to be updated with updates in exe everytime. The injector you are using is probably older and not updated by creator for latest Hitman exe.
There may be latest injectors, but I am not aware of any ATM.



I agree. Would really love to see a video on how to do everything.


Is cam injector still working after goty update?


It updated yesterday for GOTY.


Ok. Thanks. Can you post download link?



Does anyone know how to pause the game using the freecam? I’m pressing num 0, but nothing happens. Everything else works fine though


It just magically started working after a while, so problem solved!


The reason may be that you disabled Instinct. Happened to me too bro.


That makes sense, I must have turned it on at some point


Not to start a new thread will ask here.
Is there something similar for HITMAN 2 to use a free camera mode?