Free Starter Pack (limited time) addition?

I got a message from the newsletter yesterday saying that the Free Starter Pack players will get limited time access to Paris (Until 27 Feb). They will also have access to The Broker ET (25-27 Feb).
Is IO celebrating anything or they just want more players interest?

They also put

Sanguine Jersey Short Sleeve Tee - Limited Edition
on sale until 28 Feb.

They doing a free “location rotation” for players that don’t have the full game yet to try the game and different locations before buying the full game.
Time to time they put different locations for a limited time into Free Starter Pack.
This time it’s Paris’ turn. After 27th of February they will put next [secret] location into the Free Starter Pack for a limited time as well

This is a real physical t-short from an IOI Store which you can buy and wear