Freecam almost available?

So, I’ve recently emulated Hitman: Contracts (with an actual disc cus I’m no criminal) using PCSX2 in an attempt to gain access to the cheat menu (since it’s rumored to still be usable on the PS2 version). And I’ve changed the files to allow access to the debug menu (not the cheat menu, that’s different.) Only issue is that I can’t for the life of me find out the PS2 button combination to open it up… Help?

Calling yourself not a criminal while using a PS2 emulator :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Calling yourself not a criminal while being a bald multinational assassin :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah nah those 2 things aren’t comparable. Or make sence

((the joke was that when you play a hitman game you technically are a hitman, haha))

If you’re joking - lol

If you’re not - Using an emulator is not illegal


I don’t see the problem of using an emulator if he already owns a legit copy of the game…

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Not to be rude but I’d really like an answer. Maybe I could ask ssg?

Don’t know about the debug menu but if you’re after just the freecam I’ve got ssg’s instructions saved from the old forum archive

If you have PS2 which can run unlicense disc then maybe you can run free camera on console. i have no any console so I can not check it out. But I will explain how run Free Camera mode in Hitman Contracts on PS2 emulator.
If you have any ISO image of Hitman contracts PS2 version and you can run this game on PS2 emulator then you also can run Free Camera
1 Made back up of your ISO Image
2 Open ISO with any program like ULTRA ISO
3 Extract HMCGPAD1.CFG file from ISO
4 Open this file and paste between Controls Settings
<.Mapping Action=“ToggleFreeCam” Activation=“Tap”>
<.Key SCode=“GC_ABUTRIGHT” Device=“GameControl”/>

Here I rename ToggleCamera on ToggleFreeCam
You also can save 1st camera view instead rename ToggleCamera
5 Save changes and drag this file to ISO image and replace it.
Press close window and make save in ISO
Then run this image on console or burn on disc. During game press R3 and you in Free Camera Mode

Had to add a dot after the <'s because this forum will hide shit put in between <>, so delete those if you’re gonna try this out.


You’re a god. Thank you so much.

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Please don’t conjure the demon, it took us this long to exorcise him…


Also, turns out you can open the cheat menu with the START menu and the sneak button (forgot, probably L1 or L2)


Let me know how the PS2 searches go. I have been toying with ISO scripts myself. With my high hopes, i have been trying for the longest time to fuse a free camera into the PC version of Contracts. And so far, there has actually been results :yum: