Freelancer Birds

We all know the Dartmoor Garden Show birds right ? IOI please for god´s sake add them to the safehouse. (like in blood money :slight_smile: ) And if IOI doesn´t add the birds please let´s make a petition for them to add them.

You mean that annoying cemetery ones which prevent the fake burial ceremony to start?

Those green ones.
So idk if they do that but i only seen them in the garden show.

Seems I need to play DGS once more, because I either don’t remember them or even never noticed

They’re in the greenhouse

I know which ones you mean. They’re also in the original Dartmoor mission in the house, in the Room with the one (female) Carlisle in the room with the stuffed bear and mounted animal heads on the walls, and even in Haven Island – on the opposite side of the wall of the underground lab dude that is BBQ’ing (outside). They’re for distracting an NPC (obviously).

As for them being in the safehouse… :man_shrugging: I don’t think I’d want them in mine, but who knows. Maybe IO will make it something we can purchase to decorate. I can see it happening.

“Purchase” = with the game based currency. Not some real money microtransaction.


Now I know what birds are they.
That is Rebecca by the way :slight_smile:

As for them being in safehouse… Their main purpose as I see it is distraction.
Who they will distract in the safehouse where Agent is all by himself?


You dont get the point in hitman blood money you had a cannary (bird) and he would fly around in his cage and all that, the green birds do the same.

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They’re the same model (entity) in each of the 3 missions and all react when you get too close to their cage.

Exactly. If it’s possible to have them for a prop then I don’t think they’ll react to 47. Unless it will (and it won’t) have an interact prompt (Hold (Y) to pester birds). :joy:


Or pet ? Not pester :frowning: