Freelancer - Closed Technical Test

This thread is open again since I think strict focus on CTT feedback is no longer needed.

Another thing I don’t understand why it’s part of the mode,. Why do I get rewarded with a free weapon? Then what’s the point in trying to find them and/or gain money and purchase them?

I think these free items are kinda dumb. It waters down the mode. For example im trying to save up for a weapon so I stop myself from buying others but then I get rewarded with that very weapon for free. Instead of free gear, maybe award only free safehouse items.

Seems like every step forward is two steps backwards. Sigh.

-before they say “well then don’t take the free weapon, problem solved”. SMH.

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The only times you really get rewarded weapons you would otherwise buy (as opposed to tools, although if you meant that instead, disregard this) is after finishing a showdown. Those are not as common as the other levels and happen only 4 times per campaign. I did not find even a single instance of getting rewarded a weapon I had actively been trying to save Merces for.

The tools are a little different in that you get rewarded with one after every map, but many are single-use only so you’ll constantly be going through them, and they don’t cost much to begin with (most of the anyway) so the chances of you needing to save up for them are lower.

It doesn’t water down anything, in my experience. It’s a necessary element that makes the game playable, especially in the early stages when you can’t achieve many objectives due to not having the required weapons in the first place.


Outside of the fact that getting rewards feels good. The rewarded weapon is random.

It will be a question of luck, but I think it could create some personal narrative. Which is part of a rogue like, and I think could be fun to have.
Like if you watch bigmooney videos on freelancer, his first reward was a silenced rifle. So he took the weapon trafficking syndicate afterward. Where he was able to do the “eliminate guards with rifles” quickly.
I also saw someone get the icepick for a first reward. As a consequence they went directly to the “icepick elimination” prestige objective.

There will also be a form of “ah, I remember this one, what a run it was”. And of “uh, why not, I would have bought this weapon, but just to complete the wall collection, but since I received it at the start, why not use it”.

It will certainly be more useful for the first ten hours of the mode. It will flavour them.
Because without it, let us be honest, we would just wait to pay for a silenced pistol, a silenced sniper, and skip all the intermediary items.


You’re talking about a very hypothetical and rare situation. Sure, it could happen, but not 90% of the time you choose to save up Merces. There’s just so many Tools and Weapons in Freelancer it’s unlikely.
Also, it’s not a bad thing! Sure, you saved up money “for nothing”, but now you can use that money on a different weapon, or maybe even multiple smaller weapons if you have the funds for it.

I’m not totally understanding your issue here, I guess. But it’s necessary to help you get some edge on your contracts, to build up a collection, and offer some easier way to acquire items if you happen to die/lose money.


I think it’s weird you get a reward crate for dying/failing tho

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Not that weird, with the absence of it you can proof you never died yet and are truly a professional.


Hopefully I’m good enough that I’ll never get one.


It’s better than them being lootcrates you could buy that increased in price (which is actually what they were originally).

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Was wanting to know if you could reset the Freelancer game mode as a fresh playthrough? Without all the challenges and game items. Would keep the game fresh in my opinion. Like say you come back to Hitman a few years later you can start fresh without any items or levels opened…and a must have Freelancer offline game mode if the servers shutdown…like most of the games I own, looking at you Ubisoft.