Freelancer crashes when interacting with crates; stashes and suppliers

Playing on PC through steam.
I haven’t played the game for a number of months, but recently decided to come back to it. However, I’ve found that whenever 47 interacts with any crate; stash or supplier, the game crashes back to windows. Other interactions are fine.
Support have no idea what the issue is, advising me that a future update might fix it, which isn’t a great deal of help. I’ve verified the files and also uninstalled and re-installed the game with no luck. Any thoughts as to what I can try next?


Try to uninstall GPU driver with installing it back like a clean install.
Also clearing Shader Cache may help.
To do that, simply delete HITMAN3 folder following this path:
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\

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Thanks, but no luck unfortunately