Freelancer - From CTT to Launch (balances, and changes)

So what you’re saying is when you pick up a burner phone, you go to another part of the map and make a call. And where that call is made is where that suspects will go?

And I don’t understand why ppl would say a burner phone should be an unlock. How do you even have any other suspects’ phone number? They are unique to the mission so bringing a random burner phone wouldn’t make sense at all, story wise.

Basically yeah. Dialing the phone is calling a meeting for everyone of that group to gather in the spot - so you can lure them anywhere on the map.

Now are all these burner phones and how they work all in the game described or are you learning on the fly?

Can’t remember sorry - with the launch being so close I finally deleted the CTT build the other day so can’t run it to check. :frowning:

A prompt on screen says click left mouse to place meeting location or something like that, and you put the phone physically on the ground and they go to it

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I am very happy with the new tweaks/changes. I really enjoyed the special privilege of participating in the CTT. (I never did that before) And it’s about time Mr. 47 got a big beautiful house for working his damn ass off as he always risks his life by getting rid of rotten vermin - making the world just a little bit safer. I just wish Mr. 47 could wear fake moustaches, beards, wigs and temporary tattoos - just to get close to a dangerous target and such … and what if 47 had his own 3D printer for faces, like the one in the Colorado mission, now that would be some sneaky fun! Thanks IOI fur this very cool add-on.


That’s some Mission Impossible type of shit. The 3-D printer could be a good in-universe explanation for using different character skins (like PC Mods). I like it. Let us console players have some fun. :rofl:


Ok my main question for this after reading all of IOI’s releases and looking at the language used is will there be a new application requiring a re download or a new update and restructured ui for hitman 3?

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Normal patch, like ioi usually does for game updates. It’ll add Freelancer and update the ui, etc.


As 47Agent said, just a normal patch for current Hitman 3 owners, with storefronts (and likely the game’s icon) being changed to reflect the WoA


So, the blog’s wording on collateral mentioned “innocent civilian NPCs”. If we assume guards aren’t civilians, they may possibly be not penalised. What I’ve just remembered is that Colorado is almost exclusively guards, so if the above hypothesis is true, it will remain a place where you can slaughter people with little consequences (other than everyone firing back)(and possibly starting suspect evacuation).

Probably not a very useful or interesting fact (and possibly disproven in several hours), but this Colorado’s “quirk” still caught my attention.


That’s a good point. If you count “innocent civilians” as any NPC who is not armed, then Colorado only has the five hackers and the prisoner in the basement, plus the main game targets roaming around. Everyone else, even the cooks, have weapons, and therefore wouldn’t be considered innocent civilians.

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Possibly? It would be stupid if they were because if you get the objectives, you would get paid for killing guards but would also be penalised for doing so.

Speaking of Colorado, I wonder if they’ll have disabled the Wicker Man easter egg on the Freelancer version of the map, it would make the missions a lot easier

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Thats what I had assumed when I read that in the blog. I believe that lookouts and assassins probably won’t cause penalties either (as they are “part of the syndicate”).

My feedback for IO for this change, if you want to have gameplay emphasizing target kills, a “No civilian deaths” bonus is always better than a punishing fine.

The current system makes it feel like certain gamestyles are “wrong” as opposed to the old games, where any way counted but some ways rewarded you more than others.


I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere yet, but guards seem to holster handguns they pick up. I don’t know about larger weapons. But if you were planning on making one of them go away - a dropped weapon might not work.

This is a change… I think I like it. I will have to work with it some more to see what can be done. So far, it seems like you’re better off dropping briefcases. They might also take away explosives. :thinking:

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Or make it so they look inside the briefcase and if they find a weapon and they saw you at any point even carrying said briefcase before they immediately become hostile.