Freelancer - From CTT to Launch (balances, and changes)

Speaking of Colorado, I wonder if they’ll have disabled the Wicker Man easter egg on the Freelancer version of the map, it would make the missions a lot easier

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Thats what I had assumed when I read that in the blog. I believe that lookouts and assassins probably won’t cause penalties either (as they are “part of the syndicate”).

My feedback for IO for this change, if you want to have gameplay emphasizing target kills, a “No civilian deaths” bonus is always better than a punishing fine.

The current system makes it feel like certain gamestyles are “wrong” as opposed to the old games, where any way counted but some ways rewarded you more than others.


I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere yet, but guards seem to holster handguns they pick up. I don’t know about larger weapons. But if you were planning on making one of them go away - a dropped weapon might not work.

This is a change… I think I like it. I will have to work with it some more to see what can be done. So far, it seems like you’re better off dropping briefcases. They might also take away explosives. :thinking:

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Or make it so they look inside the briefcase and if they find a weapon and they saw you at any point even carrying said briefcase before they immediately become hostile.

To be entirely fair, the punishment is five (5) mercers. Yup. Five. It’s such a hilariously small slap on the wrist that unless you massacre an entire room full of people you will never notice. Even massacring an entire level is unlikely to bring your reward to zero if you complete even one optional objective. I found out what the penalty was when I felt that I couldn’t easily kill a target in Chongqing without a civilian seeing me, and killing the civilian lured the target away from his group to check out the body, making for an easy kill. Normally, I would totally agree with your point, but in this case the “penalty” is so small that I’m not offended.

Now, the 1000 mercer penalty for killing the wrong target in a showdown. That is actually infuriating.


Just a suggestion, but I think it’d be super neat to let us pick our briefcase from our wardrobe instead of being restricted to a single style we get when we get to the location. It’d also allow for more creative options without forcing the player to bring a large gun to the level. I just think it’d be a real waste to have all those cool unlockable cases be entirely unusable in this mode.


That’s wonky lol, I’d get maybe 500 at most but 1000?? Yeesh IOI really doesn’t want you killing suspects willy nilly. Which is confusing considering there’s also a challenge tied to doing just that…


This happened on rare occasion in the main game. It isn’t new to freelancer unless they made it that way all the time.


If weapon prices are increased, it must be retroactive with the difference subtracted from mercers or items in question relocked.

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