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On ps4 and have not had 1 crash as of yet. :crossed_fingers:

Anyone start a showdown near a group of targets and just take ‘em all out to quickly finish the level?

I started Dartmoor and 3 of 4 targets were together walking towards the house. I just whipped a remote explosive at one dudes head and detonated as I ran away. I got all the assassin alerted stuff but I was out of sight. The target was among them so I hit an exit but if I guessed wrong I had a plan to make it to a spot where I could dive into a closet and reset. Just gotta be sure you can outrun the assassins and their mighty strong pistols. It’s like 47 has .45ACP but they have 10mm.



I’m never beating the Third Level of the campaign… I’m pretty sure every single time I’ve gotten there now, the target escapes and I lose! All my progress! Aaahhhh!

This time I picked Ambrose as the map… ive done a showdown there before and it went great.
But for some reason, some lady sees me tresspassing in a room talking to the courier – then INSTA-compromises me, alerts many guards, alerts the target who runs away, and so I gotta juggle taking cover with running after the target – already halfway across the jungle…

Uuuuugh. At the very least, I really wish they’d give me the XP I managed to get from objectives, safes and couriers if I manage to exfiltrate unscathed… but nah I get nothing every time. Edit: okay, you at least get XP from a failed campaign. I just finished a mission with an objective and Prestige objective, I guess I wasn’t paying attention to not getting any completed last time.


Bug report: I noticed some inconsistencies in the shopping dialogue, such as this:

Supplier: I have some hardware to sell
47: You have no idea.

It would be nice to have some logic between these exchanges and add line options for when players buy and don’t buy something. You can often leave the shop empty-handed, and the supplier will still talk as if you bought an item.


Well, it happened. Got home from the theatre and was immediately shot to death in Bangkok. At least now I won’t feel bad about unlocking the cold feet challenge.

Shall not touch grass again, 0/10 do not recommend.

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So now I failed other campaign. This time due to a bug.

Had a target in Mumbai on the construction yard who went to smoke near an oil barrel. Shoot the barrel when I thought nobody was looking. Got an alert but managed to get away. When I went back the barrel and the target was gone. The symbol on the minimap showed him at the same spot not moving despite him nothing being there.

Killed all the nearby guard just in case and even throw an explosive at the spot he was supposed to be. Nothing worked and I had to abort the campaign. Unfortunately, it was an alerted territory.

I think I’m done with Freelancer for the foreseeable future. The previous setbacks were frustrating but at least it was because I screwed up. Now I lost due to a bug.

So let’s say you messed one up and now you have two levels left. You have Miami on alert and you have Marrekesh regular.

Which one do you save for the Showdown?
  • Miami on Alert
  • Marrakesh Normal

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If not on hardcore, I find it easier to exfiltrate from Miami

Marrakesh is a nightmare with or without alert so I do it first to get it out of the way.


Ahh, you have so much patience Frote, very commendable. :smiley: I haven’t even attempted to use the water/oil canisters yet!

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Third syndicate of hardcore campaign, Miami. I was trying to sneak into VIP area through the security building. On my way there I thought of snatching a disguise from the guard inspecting the photocopier.
Another guard walks in and sees me dragging away the uncoscious body towards the crate in room with the safe (Idk whether it’s just his routine that’s added in master mode or he somehow heard a silent takedown from behind closed door).
Fine, I’ll just fake surrender and do a quick headshot then escape once he gets close. So I hold X, the bar fills up, and nothing happens. Drop the body try again, still nothing. After some time I do manage to surrender, but after a while I return to normal, and at this point the guy is too fed up with it and starts firing. (to be fair, that last part could my keyboard acting up, but that doesn’t explain the action not triggering after bar fills up)
Either way, my Kruger was not enough to fend off the security horde pouring in from adjacent rooms, and my first instinct was to try getting to a nearby shotgun instead of turning the entrance to room with a safe into a chokepoint. Needless to say, lost a campaign and several epic-rarity items with it.

Ancestral items can be rebought from suppliers, right?

Also had the game glitch out on a Sapienza showdown literally the previous mission by having most suspects stand still and do nothing. Though I managed to unfreeze one with a thrown distraction.

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying hardcore mode a lot so far. It feels much more tense with all the enforces and less room for error. Getting away with a clean 4-objective clear feels real good here.
But for now I’ll settle down with normal mode for a bit, so I can finally get my gun wall completed.

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The underground passage in Marrakech is also perfect for that trophy. Nice secluded spot with a free barrel.

Some suspects go through that tunnel normally too.

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From my understanding ioi didn’t have David Bateson record any new dialog for Freelancer. So ioi just recycled all of 47’s lines. The worst I’ve encountered so far is a response from 47 that sounds like he’s on a telephone! :rofl:


Oh, I see, that is the problem. I mean, they could only use three lines only, them. Some generical stuff like “I’m interested”, “hm”, and “ok”.


It’s a shame “I need to use the bathroom” isn’t one of 47’s answers to vendors :confused:


Right, so if I start a hardcore run - do I get to keep the guns on the wall?

Yes, you’ll only lose the freelancer tools.


I spotted a minimap icon for a camera-scannable object in Kowoon Paddock in Miami, but after getting there and waving my camera around I didn’t catch anything of note.

I haven’t had any issue with Marrakesh so far honestly, besides that spawn point on the roof with the soldier about to spot you. Always get messed up on Santa Fortuna though, & Mumbai.

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Trying to do the cold feet challenge - it’s stopped counting… it’s stuck on 15/20 and has been for the past 4 exits.