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I’d like to make clear that at no point have I outright stated or implied that the authors are infallible and any perceived mistakes are still the gospel truth. I agree with you on that so your pontificating essay zealously trying to debunk an opinion I do not hold was a complete waste of both our time.

My problem with your take on the canon is that you seem to be under the impression that because authors are capable of mistakes that means your interpretation of things is not subjective headcanon but just as valid if not more so because you have spent the last 17 years obsessing over the storyline which makes you the grand loremaster and you project this upon Freelancer thinking just because it thematically fits at the end of the game and you see nothing that contradicts it so it must be canon but the same argument can be made of all supernatural aspects to the game and you obviously agree that’s just a bit of silly fun. Just references and easter eggs. Even without developers having to say so.

Freelancer not being canon does not cause logical inconsistency or lore problems and the burden of proof is on the one making the claim. Absence of proof is not proof itself. You can not disprove god therefore god must be real. Just change god with Freelancer except we do have proof on the contrary word of god by the developers themselves.

You rely on the words of the developers when it suits you and dismiss it completely when it doesn’t align with your opinion.

Like Erigu put it making fun of you and you even liked his post which to me suggests you are severely lacking in the self-critical department and before you go and unlike it I already screenshot it.

You gave no source for this statement. No proof.

“It has been stated that Freelancer is a canon occurrence in the timeline”

Then Fleur claimed otherwise and he brought receipts unlike you.

Then all of the sudden the developers opinion on the matter is irrelevant to you.

“Not relevant.”

No person should waste time arguing with you but alas I feel a sense duty to prove you wrong so others may see you for what you are - an intellectually dishonest person who doesn’t argue in good faith.

It’s been fun but why continue arguing ad infinitum about this when it isn’t going anywhere? Can’t say I won’t be tempted to continue in the future but for now I am done.

This is shall be my magnum opus for I have defered to the developers themselves and pointed out the flaws in your character and there is nothing more I feel I can add to the discussion. If you aren’t willing to accept the literal definitive answer from IOI there is nothing you’ll accept and you can keep making all types of baseless claims you want and I hope others will see through it and not give you the time of day.

Too be fair I don’t think you are completely without good and reasonable opinions and arguments but it is obvious you stop caring about objective truth when it’s a topic you care about deeply which is honestly sad.

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