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I’m pretty sure 47 would only be getting coal anyway.


Well, that depends. Yeah, he’s been naughty, but it’s technically put a net good out into the world, depends on how Santa’s morality leans. And if it is just coal, 47’s got a shotgun ready for him if he sticks his old red ass down the safehouse chimney.


Cold feet feature challenge bug?

As I recall, there’s a bug where it doesn’t register correctly if you skip through the results screen. You have to let it play out in its entirety (as in, let the timer and score appear). Once it’s done, it should tick up by one once you’re back at the safehouse.

Bug for Burning man is real

There’s a super easy way to grind this challenge. Get a showdown on Colorado and use the Wicker Man easter egg to incinerate everyone in sight. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s a video guide. It’s for Hitman 2016, but I can confirm it works in Freelancer. Just Alt + F4 (or equivalent) when they’re all dead, and keep repeating the easter egg until the challenge unlocks. Just be careful not to get yourself gunned down.


Cold feet still at 4/20 back at house.

I’ll try wickerman

Did you skip the exit cutscene? That might be included too.

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I had a showdown in Marakesh. I started in the school, alerted territory. I kinda wanted to fail it (for the achievements)… But when the target found the body of a guard I KO’ed - he started to escape. I was on the roof where the gal and 2 guards were. I made my way over… Grabbed a meat cleaver from a food vendor - I was dressed as a street soldier. I made it to the exit and hid in the green crate. The target was not far behind me and made it to the exit along with an assassin and 4 guards. All the guards moved away to defend him… But I got out of the box, cleaved the guy in the head, and exited. I’m sure I was spotted by the guards but got out before they could shoot me.

It was pretty exciting. :joy:


After prestiging, I figured now was a good time to try and get through hardcore. Of course, not having a full arsenal sucks but I’m making do with what I can get.

Anyway, I decided to choose the epic melee kill objective because the other two sucked even though I didn’t own any melee weapons at all. What I did have was the epic coin, and I wanted to test whether a thrown coin counts.

I can happily confirm that it absolutely does! As such, if you need an epic melee kill and only have the coin, just grab a spanner or something as well and you’re good to go!


Just reached mastery level 100 last night :partying_face: Got it from a Hokkaido alerted territory - couldn’t have been a better map as I do love Hokkaido freelancering, despite it having a shocking amount of mid tier rankings for freelancer???
What do you think of Hokkaido on Freelancer? I’m very comfortable with H2016 maps so playing it comes naturally to me.


Hokkaido is a weird map for Freelancer since while it’s a pretty good map, some of it just doesn’t translate over to Freelancer very well in my opinion. I think it’s generally fine for the normal missions. The alerted version can be a bit annoying with all of the additional NPCs and cameras, but is mostly still manageable.

I think it’s also fine for non-alerted Showdowns, at least the earlier ones. Where I feel it falters however is alerted Showdowns (and Hardcore mode). The map’s claustrophobic design really doesn’t lend itself to this kind of gameplay. It’s very easy to get yourself sandwiched between two enforcers if you aren’t careful. The map just has way too many narrow corridors that make it difficult to slip past enforcers. The surgery area is easily the worst offender of this as they constantly just slap un-moving enforcers in the corridors that are near-impossible to get around. And that doesn’t even account for Lookouts and such. Honestly, I think the surgery area is terribly designed in general and really brings an otherwise great map down for me.

I know this is probably a controversial opinion, but I think 2016 has the weakest maps in the trilogy overall (in terms of gameplay design). That’s not to say they’re bad, but their design is definitely a lot more restrictive than the Hitman 2 and 3 maps. For me, I’d say Paris and Sapienza are the only ones that really hold up by more recent standards. They provide a lot more freedom of approach to the player, and that makes me rank them a lot higher than the others in terms of their suitability for Showdowns.


My go to maps for Freelancer are Dartmoor, Mendoza, Whittleton Creek, Dubai & Sapienza :slightly_smiling_face:


Finally hit the funniest number of Mastery in Freelancer.

Movement is also quite tricky if you A: don’t spawn in a good spot, or B: don’t have a keycard hacker. Even taking disguises can be annoying on hardcore or alerted missions as you have less room to breathe. It’s a map I try to avoid in Freelancer, as it just isn’t well-suited for the mode.

Paris, Sapienza and Colorado tend to be the ones I pick the most from 2016. The former two are fairly open and well-designed, and Colorado actually picks targets that are isolated or easy to get to regardless of disguise, making it surprisingly easy. Bangkok’s target selection just makes it a chore to play (not to mention all the other issues inherited from the main game), and Marrakesh is a bit of a wildcard pick. Not bad, but not great either. Hokkaido, as explained above, isn’t designed well for the Freelancer mode.


Not to mention one of the targets you can get is one of Yuki’s bodyguards, it’s super hard to set anything up for him, you have to wait for ages for his loop to wrap back round again


I’ve had this twice. It’s a PITA.


true charlie i have been getting them too many


but the worse one i get is the woman with the pink dress in paris who just drinks and never moves which is annoying in my stardards


She isn’t too bad as you can shoot the chandelier on her for a collateral accident kill (if you’re needing that objective) and of course you can poison her drink too


thats true but imagine it was the silent assassin objective that be tough

Nice and easy method to isolate her, just emetic poison it

Just like Yuki’s bodyguard!! I happened to have him for my mastery 100 reaching run and if I didn’t have an emetic poison a target objective I’d have totally gone for the hanging lights on the stairs, or knocking out him and Yuki when she goes to the sauna. If they made Yuuto the target instead of Nokadota then that would’ve been horrendous but with Nokadota I would argue it works out
These are all very good points about Hokkaido - it does kind of feel like the map’s at it’s npc capacity where any more kind of congest the place.


On Alerted Hokkaido, I don’t even know how do you get out quickly and silently at the mountain path start. Other than doing some luring shenanigans to the patrolling guards or simply allowing them to escort you out (it’s Trespassing, not Hostile Area), it’s pretty tricky - there is a camera that overlooks the only exit from the slope and the guards that patrol here get alerted from a bullet impact if you shoot it.

The hospital area is really packed with cameras and enforcers for all disguises. One of the worse targets is a nurse in the surgery area, meaning that you pretty much have to take the surgeon or the head surgeon disguise. These are my personal pet peeves with Freelancer Hokkaido, even though often it can be a fun experience too - definitely not a bad map.