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I usually just Kalmer one of those two guards and take their outfit. But of course this isn’t always possible depending on your objectives. It is possible to slip past them and down the stairs beneath the helipad, but it’s tricky since there’s an extra guard there on alerted mode.


Somehow he didn’t see me :sweat_smile:



Yesterday I was able to complete my first campaign after a billion of fails. But sometimes Freelancer mode can be very obnoxious.


Do keypad doors and camera hackable doors count toward ‘Leave Doors Locked’?
Had a contract in Chongqing with this, and No KOs. Single target right at the bottom of the ICA facility. Couldn’t be bothered to test as even getting to the doors without a disguise as too much effort so just left, but didn’t answer my question.

Yes, they count as doors being unlocked and invalidating the objective. Even the medicine cabinets in Hokkaido and Miami count toward that. However, opening a locked door from the inside so that it is now unlocked does not count. The key is, you have to directly unlock and open it from the side that is locked through any deliberate door-opening mechanism to invalidate it.


I’ll need to test but I think the doors from the ICA facility in Chonqing do not fail the objective when scanned.

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Does anyone else have this problem with prestige: you get to the point where you’re one pistol away from being able to prestige, and get no matter how many times you go to the shops, the pistol is just never there.

Going to try restarting, see if that does anything.

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Not all weapons will appear with the suppliers, some will only show show in the reward crate and some can only be found within the missions themselves.


In my experience, you need to go back to a location you haven’t been in a while. Somehow that seems to jog the supplier inventory a bit. Not a guaranteed method, but I got a few very elusive weapons that way.


Oh really? I’ve prestiged a lot and never noticed this! I wonder if the ICA19 Chrome is one you can’t buy - because I eventually got it in the reward crate, just like you said.

Just tested, the hackable doors, hackable little windows and the doors with numeric codes are all fine and do not fail the “Doors Stay Locked” objective.