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So a quick update on a previous comment made on here:

I thought that the ICA19 chrome may be a weapon you could only get from the reward crate - but I just bought it from the supplier so that’s not true.

The suppliers are sometimes just pains in the arse and don’t sell what they should.


I know it was said before, but I’ve long forgotten and the search function isn’t bringing it up: what other weapons can be used to fulfill the icepick kill other than the actual icepick?

IIRC only the icepick itself counts. Which really sucks when you activated prestige and keep getting that stupid objective when you don’t have the icepick.


Well, it does say that other special objects count toward it, but unlike the katana kill objective, where we know all the blades of Japanese name and origin count, I don’t remember what counts toward that one. There was something mentioned in the weeks after release, but I can’t find it and Google is oddly unhelpful. I suppose I’ll need to experiment to find out.

In all my time playing Freelancer, the only weapon I have found to be unpurchaseable is the Assassin’s HWK

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You didn’t reply to this and I’m wondering what you mean.

What I mean is, every SA PO I’ve had says No Bodies Found as part of its requirements for success. Any body found, including a courier slipping in a banana, say, will invalidate the PO. That’s what I mean.

Again I’m confused cuz it sounds like you mean the NO BODIES FOUND objective that’s SEPARATE from the PO.
Because the SA PO has no issues with the bodies found at all.

With banana peel:

Did they change it? Because any time in the past when I treated the SA PO the same as the main game, with dead or unconscious bodies from accidents or poisons being found, the objective would fail and I’d have to start again. And I took that to mean that no bodies of any sort can be found for any reason, or in any condition, target or otherwise. Haven’t done it since the early days of Freelancer. Is it different now?

Another example with an accident kill to retain SA.

That’s great and all, I’m glad to be proven wrong on this particular issue, but again, when was this changed, because that was not how it was when Freelancer launched and I don’t recall any info in the previous updates talking about tweaking that requirement to the objective.

Its always been like that for me. Never had an issue with SA in freelancer. Bugs do exist so likely that.

It has been this way since the CTT.

The only inconsistency with the story-mode campaign is that being spotted by the target will immediately fail the PO rather than allowing you to fix it by killing them.

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Most accident KOs on targets never retain SA on body found, both in main game and Freelancer.
Piano and Kalmer KOs can keep SA on target body found however, and you can even drag their bodies and SA will still be kept if they’re found.

All SA prestiges however seem a bit random when it comes to getting spotted by the target. Sometimes they seem like they’re in 2016 mode, and killing them after doesn’t restore SA, whereas other times killing them does restore SA. Not sure what goes on there.


Accident KOs on targets doesn’t count unless it’s another target who finds the body and you take them both out before anyone else finds out. Otherwise, since the beginning, targets getting KOed and found have always ruined that rating.

Nah the previous poster is right, I learned that the hard way when I tried to use a banana on the Stowaway for some reason I forgot and immediately lost SA :confused:


Did you do it in public, other NPCs seeing? Or in a secluded place away from anyone else seeing?

Right in the middle of the gallery where he starts. What’s the point of using a banana if nobody is there to watch him fall :confused:

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That’s where the issue is. If anybody sees an unconscious target, except another target, and you don’t kill them before anyone else finds out, either from a third NPC walking in on the scene or the second target running and telling another NPC, SA is voided. You must KO a target, whether by subduing, accident, or tranquilizer, where nobody else can see them, with the only exception being another isolated target, and then kill them and hide the bodies or do it like an accident, or even a poison if they’re in an area with a ventilation system you can use.

So weird how different players have different experiences. Ive never once had any issue with SA in freelancer. The rules in freelancer work exactly the same like in the main game for me.

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