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Alerted Mendoza, Haven Island or Dartmoor are my preferred options if any :wink:

It’s done. After 15 months of on-again-off-again playing Freelancer I don’t think I will be coming back (barring any new challenges)

As someone who has played these games since H2:Silent Assassin I just prefer the original format of Hitman. I got bored of the run-and-gun nature of the mode and the endless glitches (too many to list here, but we all know what they are).

I had gotten 100% on everything prior to Freelancer launching and had to get 100% on Freelancer too (although I originally said I wouldn’t).

Roll on April 25th now for the new Burial Dagger challenge and the next batch of Featured Contracts.

Happy Hitman-ing!


I love playing Freelancer and I think the mode is just as fun when you’re not grinding for challenges or to collect all your weapons again after activation of Prestige. As the mode has essentially been created to tied us over until the next big AAA Hitman game, it’s something I will continue to play until the next game arrives.

Well done on the 100% progression :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, that’s unfortunate for playing it SA:


“…or spend 2 hours hidden in the crate waiting for the alert to be called off before you can do anything”

Is that how long it takes for them to stop being alerted in Colorado?

In my experience Colorado guards never stop being alerted once they are.

If you’re hidden it’s like they “know” where you are, but can’t reach you and remain perpetually alerted state due to that. This happens when you hang from a ledge where they cannot shoot at you but can “see” your fingers holding on. Happened to me on the helipad/rooftop on Island of S’gail. I jumped over the side and they kept shooting. I took a few out who got close but then the game learned not to do that and it was a stalemate of them shooting my fingers and following my movement they technically cannot / could not see back and forth as I tried to break their lock. Also happens in the sniper nest of the barge on Paris map.

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The alert gets called off after a few minutes if they can’t find you? AFAIK the “infinite alert” only happens when they know where you are but can’t reach you.

The sniper spot in Paris is utterly useless in Freelancer, just get down from here ASAP.


In Hokkaido I have had guards get stuck alert right outside a locker in the morgue backroom. Soon as I exited the locker they all shot me to hamburger since they grouped up right there en masse.

In Colorado I’ve seen same thing, I was in the cabinet inside the shed. They were running around looking for me. I went off to have dinner and came back a good 30m later. They were still looking in full alert. Granted this was the normal campaign on the max difficulty expert mode. I forget the name.
It’s why I’ve begin avoiding Colorado like the plague it is in Freelancer though. Along with it being a shoot fest if alerted in my experience they never de-escalate.

Three maps Ioathe overall; Island of S’gail, Colorado and Andaman Sea. I have literally zero achievements in any of those three maps in Freelancer b/c I refuse any group which contains them.
I just quit to main menu 'till I get a group I like.

Showdowns I always do on Miami, Dartmoore or Hokkaido. I find those to be the best even when alerted. Whittleton is backup, but it’s less than ideal when alerted though still well playable.

Yeah. IK the Paris sniper nest is useless pretty much any time except the main story to shoot the heater to kill Dhalia. You can’t see into the garden area from it due to IDK draw distance either so it makes no sense. Other than losing your briefcase from it getting stuck between the barge and the scaffold for the nest to troll the player (this has happened WAY too many times to me when spawning there in freelancer mode) that area serves no purpose.

anyone else feel like Dubai has too little variance in the targets it gives you? i feel like there’s still entire areas of that map where i never go because targets never spawn there both on TT and Showdowns