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If I had a coin for every time this issue came up…

I still would not have the outstanding service coin.


What I can answer atm is this question.
I used to play a lot of World of warcraft, and a friend of mine made an alt on my account called “Crazyglue” spin of “Superglue” that was a Rogue, I used to play Warrior.
After vanilla I grew tired of my warrior and started to main the Rogue with that name.
At that moment I was playing Alliance (cough cough), and I made an alt to gank my friends and that alt was named Combatglue (it was a combat specced rogue.), so they would know it was me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At one point we rerolled Horde (yay), and that alt became my main.

Hench “Combatglue” is my nickname everywhere. :slight_smile:



I guessed right.

I instinctively knew that your nickname came from a Combat specced Rogue, from original vanilla Warrior “Crazyglue” spun from “Superglue” in WoW.

As they say, when the glue fits…


Haha don’t say that! :open_mouth: I’ve got everything unlocked with the exception of the Prestige challenges.

To be honest, with it supposed to be located in the loot crates, aren’t those items awarded straight after you return to the Safehouse? Making it an unlock behind 100%ing Freelancer wouldn’t really make much sense when the loot crates are always flashing as the coin is supposed to be in there :wink:


So why is the only missing item in one of the suitcases, the “Outstanding Service Coin” ?.

Are the developers IOI making a judgement call that no one has reached the status of “Outstanding” in terms of “Service” to Hitman WOA in deserving receipt of the Coin?


Well, I managed to last about 3.5 months away from Freelancer before firing it up again, finally reaching Prestige Level 10 for real since I had just temporarily got it to pop the challenge before. The plan’s just to go to Prestige Level 11 and stop, though who knows if my addiction will take over again and I do a bunch more! I’m also going for a more casual playthrough, and that even means taking the time to deduce which suspect’s the leader instead of using an exploit.

I’m returning to Freelancer because I finally have 100% on everything*, for the first time ever. All challenges completed, all Freelancer challenges completed, all escalations completed, all ET challenges done for Year 3 and 4 ETs, all ET Arcade stuff done, mastery 20 on all 3 sniper maps, and enough Featured Contracts beaten to complete all of the challenges. Fun fact: if you play the FCs from newest to oldest right now, it takes clear until the Hot Scope contracts from Year 2 to have 70 Hitman 3 FCs available to unlock the Professional Screwdriver.

*The only thing I don’t have done is Forged in Fire since I want to make a video on both of my challenges at once. Also, I may eventually try to have every Featured Contract completed (not so insane) or reach Prestige level 100 (much more insane) so I can have a “true” 100% completion.


My original thought when Freelancer launched was that the coin being missing was a small hint that Freelancer was not yet complete and that they had plans to add something into it, but as time has gone on nothing has been added (other than the Undying-themed cosmetics with that DLC).

So either I was wrong or there was something planned, but ended up getting cut. :person_shrugging:

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During the CTT, If you used Peacock to play and access all the maps instead of the restricted set, Dubai would pop up “Side Quest Active” whenever you started it. Some phones in the main security room would be scannable, though nothing would happen.

It certainly seems like there are or were plans for some sort of bonus activity - whether that’s cut content or something they plan to release in the future is unknown. Nonetheless, it would certainly fit in with the idea of getting awarded the Outstanding service coin.


I think that IOI had originally planned the coin in the suitcases, but and also had a coin available for purchase from suppliers for $5K mercs.

It probably relates to a game balance issue in Freelancer.

There is no need then to scour each map for usable items like coins if you have two available to you from the start.

Once you have reached Level 81 in freelancer, you have a cap of 15, with lots of legendary gear, like explosions and guns on your walls, even sniper rifles that takes up just only one slot.

With a cap of 15, you can easily go into every mission with two coins, so it really takes away from emergent gameplay for each map if you don’t really have to look around for items on the map, with a near bottomless carrying capacity for items.

With a cap of 15, you can bring two Seikers (6), a Tranq. gun (3), plus a chloroform (1), two coins (2), a sniper rile (1), a silenced pistol (1) and a lockpick (1), plus a big piece of driftwood (0).

I don’t know how Agent 47 has pockets for all this gear.


Pretty evil trick from IOI.

I had Marrakesh Alerted territory and the target is sleeping in the school. If you make a sound in approaching the sleeping target, you have three guards wake up in addition to a roving guard. You go from one target to four alerted guards. Oh shite !


The school in Marrakech is the place I have died the most. Things go haywire extremely fast there. Those soldiers got mad intuition and reflexes.


I’m still clinging onto hope that we’re going to get the Easter, Halloween and Xmas decorations for the Safehouse before content stops :wink:


i literally stopped picking any syndicates with marrakesh now because of that start

Unless you’re going for SASO, peek-a-boo the guard who comes to the window, take his disguise, and get out of there tout suite

They added a new exit in Bangkok for Freelancer, near where the gardeners are. Bangkok did have only three exits, but is there an explanation for why there is a new exit?

I would assume to reduce the difficulty of an alerted Bangkok mission, since there’s no exits in an area you can be in your suit otherwise.

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I made over 500,000 mercs and then realized that there were Prestige I, II, III, IV, V, which I see is a do over, where you lose everything.

Great stuff !!! Glad to lose everything because it gets too easy without needing to meet Prestige Objectives for mercs.

I was going into each mission ignoring the Prestige Objectives and bringing either a katana or Drazhina loud sniper rifle to meet the 50 to 100 target kill completion requirement for awards and the lethal pill or headshot or fiber wire or sniper requirement for the leader kill completion requirement for awards.

I am now working on Prestige II, which forces me back into meeting Prestige Objectivs for mercs.

I love Hitman, and this rogue-like approach where you have to meet different objectives for mercs, keeps you in emergent gameplay.

Question: Do you get additional $1000 mercs for completing each of Prestige II, III, IV and V too?

The extra $1000 per mission for Prestige I does help refill your wall faster with guns and other items.

I used to think the same but it’s fairly easy to distract a guard into the starting area, bonk him, and take his disguise before anyone can understand what happened. Then you can get the two free explosives in the school / tunnel which can take care of any two targets in annoying places, like the market or the consulate.

It’s still an awful level for showdowns though.

It’s a bit more complicated than that. You get extra merces added to prestige objectives each time you activate prestige 1-5, but there are diminishing returns and it caps at 2000 extra merces. The wiki has the actual numbers if you’re interested in that: Freelancer | Hitman Wiki | Fandom


the guard(s) in the adjoining part of the alley are an ideal start - generally it isn’t noticed if you take their disguise. But it of course has the caveat that you need either a lockpick, crowbar, full auto weapon or inclination to use the pause trick to shoot the door open.

So, failing that, get yourself into the upstairs bathroom through the hole in the ceiling and lure a guard in

Even easier than that, just throwing a newspaper near the guard who watches through the window will lure him in (then it’s just a matter of throwing that newspaper at his face from cover). It’s also possible to hide the body in the crate near the two radio guys if you need it.