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Doing exactly what they did.

Except, on the fourth showdown. :smirk:

Ah, I stand corrected.

Yeah guys let me tell you, this many years in, I still make impatient screwups, sometimes very close to the end of a campaign.

I love the rush of Things Going Poorly Fast, so I push the metaphorical buttons and limits to see what I can get away with.

End of the day, it’s just a game. I’ll get to 100 campaigns eventually.


I appreciate the lack of presumption. For the record, HF, je suis un “he”.


I feel this way but more often than not in the way of “Damn, I sure was lucky as hell this didn’t go to hell but was like a hair from going”. That’s the fun, frustration and part of the essence of Freelancer, specially on Hardcore.


Finally beat my first campaign, now to try this hardcore thing. can’t be too much harder surely

also unrelated but did forum font/size change recently?




the guards randomly decided i had to die, which was nice


That must be a joke, right? There are two (!) toilets right next to it!

Oh, and because there was a discussion about “how hard” alerted Colorado with the watertower start is… It’s easy:


To think of all the Kalmer darts I’ve wasted just to get down from there…




hardcore was a mistake

why are these prestige objectives mandatory

hmm yes silent assassin on a master level map or epic shotgun kill (i have zero of these)

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Pro tip: don’t do Hardcore freelancer until you can meet every prestige objective you could get. Hardcore shouldn’t really be done until you have every or most weapons imo i tried it with way less and it was just frustrating


I think I just have to be smarter about what maps I choose for showdowns. Is there a fast or easy way to get to the topmost floor on Dubai? There were a ton of suspects up there and it’s the map I’m least familiar with

Bonk the sleeping guard in the guardpost near Ingram (easy to infiltrate from the exhibition backstage) and take his disguise, get the keycard on the table, go to the opposite side of the corridor while avoiding Ingram guards and use the keycard here to take the stairs (there’s often a vendor here too). Then you can go left into the pantry and get a servant disguise from the lone guy in there, which would help a lot in HC Dubai.


The best strategy I found for dealing with showdowns in hardcore is to use the target’s tells against them and, when available, select the PO for eliminating a leader during a tell. Tends to make the most difficult part just identifying them and finding out where they do their tells.


Did everyone know that the extra cook in the basement of Paris when it is an alerted territory, drops the only emetic poison if taken out?

Where is a propane flask in Santa Fortuna in Freelancer mode?

It’s not the only Emetic, but most of the Emetic Rat Poison in Master and Alerted are carried by NPCs. Typically, it’s a character nearby where the Emetic poison was on the map. On Paris, the male Palace Staff in the Sushi Prep Room behind the bar also carries Emetic Poison.

I know for sure there is a Propane Tank at the end of the outdoor stairwell into the mansion basement, near a body dump bin.

HitMaps is a really solid resource for tracking items down!


I’m glad someone else did what I’ve been doing since launch! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


good to know… always someone on Hitmanforum knows everything there is to know

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Katana Glitch?

I had to use a katana on 2 targets


Each I threw at my target but guard spotted 5 seconds after I did. I was hiding never got spotted. However usually with any melee, the weapon remains at the spot after the guard removes the body. However last 2 times in the 2 maps above, the katana was no longer present. I even followed the trail where the body bag was dragged into.

Both on flat ground, no water or a place the katana could have gone.

Now each supplier sells it for about 20k each time.

Anyone have this problem? All the other melee items are present after the body bag gets dragged

Ironically on a separate note, the coin that use to be a freelancer coin tool, I’m seeing many in stashes. Wish they would let us have that again as a tool