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In case anyone ever wondered about this, you can disable the surveillance and still destroy the disabled cameras later, and it’ll count for the objective. I was wondering beforehand if the objective fails immediately if you disable it before shooting any 3 cameras.


Conversely, for the Safe Explosion objective: if you crack the code with the items, even if you blow it up to open the safe, it will not complete the objective. :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe you had “no bodies found” as an extra objective? Since even if you manage to keep SA, accidental and poison kills will fail that objective if the body is witnessed :x

For those who don’t use Twitch, it might be worth mentioning that Freelancer has caused a substantial growth in viewership since it’s release. Quite a few big streamers have been playing in recent weeks, and streamers from the Hitman community have been seeing large spikes in viewership too.

I just happened to check the ‘most viewed’ categories on Twitch and was pleasantly surprised to see HITMAN breaking into the top 50. As it happens, it’s currently in 47th place.


Cool cool

It might even be more than that, as the PS5 Hitman 3 I streamed a few days now, has always defaulted to the Games and Demos section.

I bet it has to do with the Playstation copy still being named “Hitman 3” despite the branding change


Loving this Curtains Down reference from Blood Money.


Wait why 1/ is Ocarina of Time in there 2/ does it have almost as many viewers as Elden Ring :thinking:

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Just clicked on that category and the viewership is dominated by an ongoing event at the ‘European Speedrunner Assembly’…


Harsh lesson learned today: if you get the shrine start in Mendoza, then KO the guard who walks down in front of it as soon as he gets down there and try to dump his body, the guard above will see it. Just lost my campaign because I was so dumbfounded by being spotted that I forgot how to equip my gun and aim for a second. I “only” lost my Krugermeier… :sob:


OK I tried to setup an explosive accident in Ambrose’s boat hangar with one of those red canisters and it exploded in my face as soon as the wrench animation was over (and since it was alerted Ambrose I obviously failed the campaign, just when I had almost rebuilt my tool stash -_-). Is that kind of thing supposed to happen? I think I’ll stick to the tried-and-true “craft a couple explosives as gifts to the targets” for Ambrose now :x

But an extra objective is separate from the SA objective. I still don’t understand how he’s losing SA with bodies found with accidents. Gonna test this out very shortly.

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Just found out that Leader can also share tells not just looks. Just agenda was different. Is this a bug or a feature?

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It’s not a bug.

Only the leader will match every single aspect. Anyone else is guaranteed to not match at least one, but it can be absolutely any of them.

If you decide to kill someone without having confirmed every single thing, you’re rolling the dice.


Thanks for info, happened first time to me. I just remembered info in loading screen that looks can be the same and automatically assumed that tells are different.

if a tell on the left side of the camera is wrong, you can immediately discount that person.


Push accident, body found, retained SA

And chandelier kill with body found retains SA.

Not sure what you’re doing to lose SA or if it’s actually bugged for you. Can you provide a video? If not, can you suggest a kill that you do that loses SA with an accident kill and body found?


I appreciate this.

All right well, if anything, this is just good news to me.

Like I said I can’t remember how it happened to me, but it was a scenario where I wouldn’t have lost SA in the regular game mode. More notably though, numerous users for the past 2-3 weeks have been commenting on how they’ve killed targets in accidents and it’s voided SA in Freelancer because the “body has been found.” These users have said that because the SA Prestige Objective says “no bodies may be found” (or whatever the wording is), their accident kills have failed. To be honest, once I came to that understanding through my own limited experience and through reading comments, I just avoided killing targets via accident in SA runs.

It is true that you can fail “No bodies found” but still succeed at SA. In fact it happened to me last night in Bangkok when I accidentally used a Kalmer on a target instead of a Sieker. No Bodies Found blue objective failed, but I maintained SA yellow prestige objective.

It is possible that users complaining about bodies found in accidents were speaking only of the No Bodies Found complication and not the SA complication. That would lead to my current misunderstanding. In fact that seems increasingly likely.

I feel like the evidence is there and I have been proven wrong. I am happy to have been proven wrong. If I have any video that shows that accidents void SA, I will share it, but frankly after working through this with you and @Melusca and folk, I think I (and others) must have been under the wrong impression.

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Using poison in Freelancer will fail the “No Bodies Found” complication too.


I’ve never seen this loading screen before. It is obtained when 47 exits of a mission without completing the objectives.

(image captured from the last Frote7’s speedrun. Congrats for sub 30!)


Yeah there are a bunch of unique exit screens for exiting without doing everything and for failing a campaign. Being the Pro Gamer that I am, I hadn’t seen them much until yestderday when I grinded to get the Cold Feet and Sometimes Maybe Good Sometimes Maybe Shit challenges