Freelancer: Hardcore mode is unplayably difficult in the wrong places

Assassin in Hardcore are scary… Even alt+f4 can’t help. 47 just can die out of nowhere during combat.

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So if there’s a power or internet disruption you lose everything?

Personally, I feel like the real problem of Hardcore mode, beyond making Prestige objectives mandatory, is the ridiculous amount of enforcers.

I played a lot of Master mode during the campaign, and I always thought it was pretty well balanced. But in Hardcore mode they really pushed all the buttons to the max, especially in Showdowns. There are lookouts in every room, targets are enforcers, new guards added to the maps too… and you find yourself having to constantly run around npcs, looking everywhere like a maniac, to avoid being spotted. And if you are spotted you’re basically done. Even analyzing the Suspects is a chore.

I had exactly the same feeling on Absolution in Purist mode, I think it’s artificial difficulty without much interest. Of course you’re going to get spotted at some point, but there’s no room for progression, it’s all based on the luck of not running into the wrong enforcer at the corner of a corridor, and I really don’t find it very fun.

Yet I appreciate the difficulty in games, but it has to directly impact the core mechanics. Like in Master mode, with the footsteps, the damaged disguises or the single save. Not just adding enemies everywhere to prevent the player from moving.
So for now I’ll stay in Normal mode. :smiling_face_with_tear:

By the way Freelancer is so cool !


As long as 47 didn’t die or exit the mission, the power & internet connection problems can’t make you lose anything. You can always restart from safehouse.

I’m surprised insta-fail wasn’t used in Hardcore Mode to prevent people from using Alt-F4.