Freelancer - More useful weapons

I think its great to have useless weapons to collect… But what is the point of only have 1 useful druzhina? i think both the DTI and the normal versions should have silencers, cause otherwise they are just useless. In fact, 1 unsilencer version of each sniper is more than enough. I love the druzhina, how it looks, but I just cant use it.
I also think that all snipers should have slow time. This way, even the shittiest one can be used with some reliability.

I would also like to see the striker v3 as an epic weapon, since right now “unsilencer pistol kill - epic” basically means to kill with el matador and nothing else.

The tactical kruger would also be nice, its the one i liked the most.

I fell in love with the white dragunov from Hitman Blood money, I wish you made a skin from it:

Also being able to choose briefcase would be nice. I dont like the default one.

I dont know if I forget some weapon


I’d like to see some of the DLC tools like the guru’s emetic grenade, goldbrick proximity mine, and serpent’s bite added to the safehouse loadout. Hell I’d even like the ICA Electrocution Phone brought back. There’s the other covert Druzhina 34 from Hantu Port and the Berlin Egg Hunt that they could add too.


I really wouldn’t mind if the electrocution phone was in freelancer because it would be a consumable so it would not be OP. Just make it a rare thing to find so you actually use it when you think you would.


I really want a silenced Sieger AR552, and something blunt that only takes 1 gear slot FFS! I shouldn’t have to fish all day to get a 1 slot knockout tool.


If anything, funnily enough, the zap phone would be underpowered in Freelancer, as the mode has different rules for Silent Assassin and No Bodies Found.


How? It works like hitman 2016 and an accident kill still is the same. What’s different?

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The “no bodies found” objective includes accidents and sedatives. No bodies found at all, regardless of circumstance.


I didn’t know that and I always choose SA when it’s available. I gotta try that out.

Thats the one I never try. There are some objectives that are just not worth the effort. In the time it takes you do do them, you could already finished 2 other missions


They could easily balance this by making it have a greater reward - like silent assassin should have 4 times the reward that hide and seek does…

But on the other hand, there’s no use for the money. I have 800k and absolutely nothing to do with it.

Problems all the way up the ladder! Not sure how Io are going to sort it.

It’s great to have a variety of weapons to collect, even if some of them may seem useless. However, it’s frustrating when only one weapon, such as the Druzhina, is actually useful while others, like the DTI and unsilenced versions of snipers, are essentially useless without a silencer. It would be beneficial to have silencers available for all weapons, as well as the ability to slow time with all snipers to increase their reliability.

Additionally, the Striker V3 should be upgraded to an epic weapon, since currently the only way to achieve an “unsilencer pistol kill - epic” is with the El Matador. The Tactical Kruger is also a preferred weapon and it would be nice to see it included in the game.

As a fan of Hitman Blood Money, the white Dragunov from the game is a personal favorite and it would be great to have it as a skin option in the game.

Lastly, having the ability to choose a different briefcase other than the default one would be a nice customization option.

For anyone wanting the E-phone back, try out the Micro Proximity Taser. Npc’s pick it up, and die instantly. Theres no remote so make sure the right person gets it and it’s way more OP than the phone.

I run this mode SA/SO. IO, please can you fix this item so that npc’s can no longer pick it up. I’ve banned myself from using it, as it’s a free kill with 0 risk and therefore not entertaining to me. Thanks

So how is it more OP? The phone you can pick up if the wrong npc gets distracted to pickup the phone and now, there’s a new “pickpocket” feature for items npcs pickup. So the phone is still op over that taser.

supposedly the micro-stuff things shouldnt be able to be seen or picked up by npcs, so this would be a bug

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Main rreason, this exists in the game currently, and the phonne does not. Its also worth noting there is a method to stop the wrong person picking it up, just like the phone.

The phones only strength is that its remote, and can be called later. In all other aspects this taser trumps it, for exmaple… if my synidicate leader is a reader, i just stick it to their book and walk off. They die a few seconds later. Phone is not that easy as you have to get them to pick it up.

Edit: Final showdown with taser… Twitch

Yup, but the micro audio i think became visible to npcs during hitman 2, Earpieces have been visible since h3 launch. I suspect this wont get patched unless im as loud as i was about the ephone… and i have no intention of doing so