Freelancer | Patch 3.160 | Bugs and Imperfections

Update – Patch 3.170 is out. Testing now and will update once finished…

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  • Updated this topic for Patch 3.160.

The following will serve as an unofficial “Known Issues” list. It will be an ongoing effort, as I will test and update the list after each patch is released. Furthermore, while this topic will focus on Freelancer Mode, the entries listed might also be relevant to the main game.


  • All posted content aims to be constructive, offering ideas and visual references, no matter how small the details are. I will NOT be complaining, expecting, demanding, etc.

P.S. I will also post each of the following entries to the Bug Report Thread and the official HITMAN 3 Player Support website.

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Fixed | Patch 3.160

After hours of testing, I could not replicate these issues. Therefore, I will consider them fixed for now.

P.S. I will include entries from the official patch notes under relevant videos.

  • Noticed an issue with campaign failure where rather than a percentage of merces being taken, the amount exceeded the total merces held at the time.

  • Noticed multiple instances of an “error starting contract” popup.

  • Noticed a discrepancy in cost for taxi exits in Mumbai.

  • Noticed some UI overlap with the sprint icon when all other freelancer icons are visible.

  • Noticed it’s still possible to be given a choice of impossible prestige objectives.

  • Noticed clipping issues for multiple items when inspecting them in the safe house.

  • Noticed discrepancies in the model sizes of some freelancer tools.

  • Noticed it’s still possible to receive multiple kill objectives despite having a single target.

  • Noticed suspects keeping items in hand and clipping their character models when distracted with arranged meeting traps during tells.

  • Noticed odd text characters for the target count of a freelancer contract.

  • Noticed missing scope textures missing for multiple sniper rifles when inspected at the safe house.

  • Noticed solid barrels for multiple pistols when inspected at the safe house.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on multiple maps, causing seams in certain environmental effect textures.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode, causing multiple prestige objectives of the same categories to appear, despite the patch notes suggesting otherwise.

    Prestige Objective Picks
    We’ve tweaked the logic of Prestige Objectives to ensure that you cannot get more than one from the same category (Silent Assassin, Timed, Multikill).

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode, causing burned NPCs to appear unscathed after flames die down.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on the Whittleton Creek map, causing an NPC hidden under a bush to be spotted.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode inside the safehouse, causing the screen to stutter after completing showdowns or campaigns.

  • This bug occurred when exiting Hitman Freelancer mode and returning to the main menu, causing the game mode to be locked out.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on multiple maps, causing certain NPCs to float.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on the Whittleton Creek map, causing a prestige objective to fail when using a looted remote explosive.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode, causing the ICA Outstanding Service Coin to not appear from crates or suppliers.

    Honorable Mentions
    Has anyone discovered or obtained the ICA outstanding service coin yet?

    “It’s an incredibly easy fix. Spot the typo!” - MrTattyBojangles

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on the Ambrose Island map, causing an NPC to ignore a briefcase placed on the ground.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode, causing guard NPCs to react to the camera item like a firearm.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on the Dartmoor map, causing confirmation text to fail to appear when dumping a target into water.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode, causing a prestige objective for arranged meetings to fail to trigger despite suspects gathering.

  • This issue is still present despite the patch notes suggesting otherwise.

    Urgent Call
    We’ve resolved an issue where some characters would ‘teleport’ to Agent 47’s location in certain circumstances. It’s now impossible to arrange a meeting in places that are inaccessible to AI characters. We’ve also fixed a related issue where the ‘Arrange Meeting’ Prestige Objective would not complete under certain circumstances.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode, causing clipping issues, depending on the suit or disguise worn, when looting crates.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on the Whittleton Creek map, causing a briefcase to clip through a fence.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode on the Marrakesh map, causing a keycard reader to have no sound effects when used.

  • This bug occurred in Hitman Freelancer mode, causing the Sieger 300 to use animations from larger rifles when retrieved and concealed.

  • This bug occurred on multiple maps, causing camera grids to clip through walls.

  • The initial instance of this issue, which happened in Hokkaido, has been patched in 3.150.1. However, it’s not a perfect solution, as the camera grid now clips through an adjacent wall.

  • I have noticed neck seams on certain NPCs.
  • A general issue in Freelancer is that some target NPCs will have dialogue without the proper mouth animations to go with it.
  • For example, when reacting to 47 bumping into them. While the dialogue triggers, their mouths remain shut.

  • Another general issue in Freelancer is that some safehouse decorations will change themselves rather than preserve our selections.
  • Such changes occurred when exiting the game mode and loading back in.

  • Another general issue in Freelancer is enforcers and non-enforcers alike seeing through walls/floors, having omniscient/telepathic communication amongst each other, and sped up suspicion meters (Distance from those spotting us doesn’t seem to slow things down either.).
  • These issues appear amplified in alerted territories. When we are spotted, the guard AI seems to go into a looped state for the entire map. If we take down guards that keep coming at us (Even with non-lethal methods.), more are drawn from all over the map as if somehow knowing our exact location. Guards seem to come in groups of three as well. I understand making things challenging, but setting off an entire map from something trivial like trespassing on one specific area (As just one example.) seems broken.


Bangkok just ridiciulus
They are have wall vision in the bathroom downstaires
Couple of seconds and all the npc was orange and blow my cover lol

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Just did Colorado where guards ignored weapons as well.

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In Mumbai if you walk down any of the streets that count as auto exits (as in you do not need to hold triangle to exit the stage) before eliminating all targets you will get the usual message asking if you’re sure you want to exit the level early and that it will alert the syndicate. However there will be no option to back out of it, you’re only allowed to hit okay and leave the level.

If you walk down one of those streets accidentally it essentially softlocks the level requiring you to either give up and prematurely leave or tab out of the game and start again.


There is an extra raider on Isle of Sgáil which does not have fixed routine, and will instead just stand in middle of doors, leading to Sophia’s treasure room.

Using remote explosive found on locations (such as car bombs or C4 explosives) will not count as remote explosive kill if you aim for that objective).
Once it happened to me that icon for Mercers stayed despite the fact that I’ve already picked them up.



  • Everytime I use the boat to drive to a mission, the game crashes. It happens with other vehicles sometimes, too, but with the boat it is guaranteed.

Just some random things I thought of

  • It would be nice to be able to close the garage door. It feels a bit weird, that the house is in the woods, has a huge safety system with cameras and hidden doors, but the garage is always open.

  • Same for the door of the wine fridge and the hidden door behind the garage and in the bedroom. Would be cool if we could open and close them manually.

  • There are many things in the safehouse we can’t use, but we know that the animations are there. Especially in the gym, like the pull up bar or the weight bench. Also some armchairs or sofas can be used, others not and it’s not possible to sit or lay on the bed. Would be fun if these animations would be added, to give the safehouse a bit more “life” :relaxed:


Gaat het?

I had a guard spot me through a closed door while picking the lock. I believe it was Mumbai, the slums.


I don’t know if this bug happens to everyone or just specific PC users, but it does happen every time in my game:

In the Safehouse, when you interact with the “Decorate Kitchen” prompt you will be locked inside a state of not being able to interact with objects or use instinct. The camera will zoom in on you slightly when you press this button, the menu to decorate the kitchen does not open, and Instinct and interactions with the environment are disabled. The only way to get out of this is to press exit and return to the main menu.


Apparently the “can’t using instinct during decoration” happened because the prompt is overlapping each other. In this video I demonstrate that you cannot get very close to other prompt if you intent to decorate. First example show the effect if you’re too close with “pray” prompt & the second example show if you’re too close with explosive work table.


Here are some bugs I noticed:

  • When a helicopter or boat is used to depart to a location, the helicopter or boat you have set for “decoration” in the safehouse will appear on top of the one you’re using during the cutscene.

  • It’s possible to kill NPCs with Sieker / Kalmer pistol eliminations, I don’t think this is intentional.

  • When an NPC collects a coin you can walk up to the NPC and take the coin back from them :thinking:


On the original Xbox One : Miami either crashes or can have intermittent heavy framerate issue (2 frame a second for a minute).

This happened everytime I played Miami for more than 5 minutes.


On PC when Diana’s mission debriefing dialogue ends, the screen flashes black.

I’ve had the “looped alert state” one a couple of times on different maps, not sure what circumstances make them shoot vs just crowding around waiting for you to get out of the box, but generally all it means is someone caught a glimpse of you getting into it.


Ok so there are some probably untested safehouse interactions - when standing in the kitchen, and just where You can start cleaning surface - if You’ve unlocked the ability to change the painting in the same place - once you activate instinct mode to redecorate (and if You’re in the area to activate surface cleaning), the engine will make both actions, meaning You will get frozen in a permanent state of redecoration, but You will be able to move around the house.
I can make a video if need be.


Also when You’re back from a mission, for some reason when 47 is holding a weapon, sometimes if You start shooting just when the safehouse instance loads, You will be stuck in a safehouse with a gun. attaching some screenshots for reference (sorry did not have enough brains to make a proper video in the meantime).


I can’t see what items I unlocked in the safehouse while wearing the Blue Flamingo outfit



The “Open Safe - Explosive” prestige objective appears to not trigger if you obtain the safe combination before opening it up with an explosion.


Because the game consider the safe unlocked when you collect the clues, everytime you scan 3 clues you see the 100 safes challenge going forward, no need to open them


You can have 2 prestige objectives for same mission (maybe even 3):

  1. Pick up prestige objective;
  2. Exit game;
  3. Load Freelancer;
  4. Add another prestige objective:

Demonstration of poison bug where the bottle is duplicated.


Does it still count? Might use it for money farming

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