Freelancer | Patch 3.160 | Bugs and Imperfections

Skill issue! Git good! We wanna see this video! :crazy_face:

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There’s also the case of the exploding propane flask in the Whittleton screen shed next to the smoking guard just outside. Could be both instances are related.


I tried my best for twenty minutes, but no chance. :sob:

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Failing Hardcore Mode over a glitch is not bad luck it’s justice.


A nice :poop: combination of objectives if I doo-doo say so myself. :smirk:

So I had the ‘SILENT ASSASSIN - NO FIREARM’ still good.

After a subduing grind session, I finally get this guard/target up here. I shot him with the Kalmer, and ‘Poison Target - Dart Gun’ is an objective.

So all the sudden dart guns count as firearms? :thinking: Because in that instant I lost the PO.

Or is it because the dart didn’t hit him on the 1st try (I’ve seen them “hit” weapons, or backpacks, or just folds in their clothing and it not have any effect on them)?

Because I followed him and finally hit him with a tranq dart. But obviously, it didn’t restore my PO. :fu:


I think it would be an improvement if the toggle between suspect/not a suspect/prime suspect could also be done on the map. It’s far more user friendly than the camera.


Upon finishing a showdown I get this screen after I choose to return to the safe house. Then I couldn’t even get back into Freelancer.

I am using the FL variations mod. /fwiw

I’ll restart the game and see if I can continue.

Edit: Works now. Nothing weird like an unfinished showdown.

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Does anyone else experience sudden PC lock while playing Freelancer?
I never experienced it playing any games before.
I always tend to blame my PC because it sometimes does unpleasant tricks, but I’m 98% sure here that it’s not a PC fault. Something weird is with the mode, I guess.

Also, much more often than above, all of the challenges images just dissapear until I reboot the game.
See the spoiler for screenshots.


Anybody else can confirm these strange things happening while playing Freelancer?

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Nope, never happened.

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I had to check because I thought you were wrong. Turns out, you were right, this version of Fusil cannot be obtained to safehouse. Which is very weird, because this is only version of firearm that cannot be brought back to safehouse. Maybe replace it with Fusil that can actually be brought back to safehouse? Also, what weapon did it replace?

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Yeah that happens all the time. Usually when I play contracts, at some point the targets’ faces get replaced by a loading symbol. Also the picture for the 10 camapigns challenge (can’t remember the name right now) turns into a loading symbol too when I play for too long.

Are you playing on Steam? The servers for the Steam version have been pretty much garbage for a while now. Why Steam players don’t get the same servers as Epic players I’ll never know but it’s a really stupid decision.

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Yes I play on Steam though I have the game on Epic too.
Thank you for confirming

Not too sure - I deleted the CTT right before the official launch. I have a feeling though it wasn’t replaced and the wall was just reorganised to cover up the hole.

This happened on contracts mode but I put it here anyway because this might be yet another issue introduced with the freelancer update.

Santa Fortuna. If you use guns (might happen with crowbars or explosives too) to force open the door that leads to the caves (the one behind the doctor’s office), the door will close again permanently. There is no promp to open it and guns or explisives wont work either.


Does the guard who passes through that door take an alternate entrance?

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The most irritating thing about this bug is that if you enter the caves from somewhere else (like Rico’s garage or the coca fields) you can just open this door from the cave side without a keycard, but if you shoot the door from the outside you’re locked out of that particular exit -_-


Don’t know didn’t check. You’ve woken my curiousity though, I will test this.

Ok, I just checked and npcs can open that door normaly, but it doesn’t fix the glitch, it just closes again and remains sealed to the player.

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The Suspect Camera needs an update for when multiple targets are in it’s view. A better viewfinder?
I was in a 9 target showdown and kept scanning the targets, but having awful trouble with it turning on/off the wrong marker when two or more cross over each other or just get close via zoom.
Also, it gets buggy at times if you pass over an object where the head of a target is showing, but not their body such as in Whittleton Creek I was looking though the veranda and it kept saying “no targets” when the suspects’ heads were visible, but their bodies were behind the cover.
I also have had zoom bug out and fail to work at all. (reported that on the bugs thread)


How about a “telephoto lens” that can be obtained from a dealer or found somwhere.
Such as in Paris the telephoto lens in the news van. Maybe have one in Miami since it has a news worthy event. Or better yet make a zooms lens that can be obtined for the legendary sniper rifles that dual-functions as a suspect viewer? I’m thinking though one of the long barrel rifles that take time to tear down and put togther; not the fast draw types.