Freelancer | Patch 3.160 | Wishlists and Suggestions

I wish we could have like a map every two months? Also, would like to see an Airport Map

Takes ages to make a map, that probably wouldn’t be possible

Possibly could be seen as too risky for reasons

Why would airport be risky? I think it’s a map where it can have multiple areas with different themes, such as airport lounge, check in areas, luggage handling, inside an aircraft waiting boarding passengers etc.

Lots of access controls, different levels of security.

I think it falls in line quite well with the general map design that normal Hitman maps have.

I agree a map every two months might be difficult to achieve. I think maps every quarter maybe might increase the playability even more, like the Sydney cruise ship map.

Other map ideas I have are:

  • theme parks
  • universities
  • actual military base or naval ship yard

Mass terrorist shootings and stuff being remade

I don’t think a fictional airport map would be too controversial tbh, and it is something I have seen a lot of people request. There’s tons of movies you could reference like Snakes on a Plane, Airplane, Final Destination, Con-Air and The Terminal. I think the upped security on Airports due to threats of terrorism could make for some interesting gameplay, but I don’t think we have any real worried about a fictional map like this being controversial. I mean this is a game you can already kill droves of people in if you want, what difference would it make if it happened to be on an airport?

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Airport maps are frequently discussed and iO said they don’t want to do it because it would end up much lamer than anticipated. Don’t have time now to look up the source, but long story short propably won’t happen

And yet they had 47 infiltrate the White House three console generations ago. I think they either just don’t want to deal with the hassle of figuring out how to show planes taking off in the background of a mission, or they don’t want to be insensitive to what has happened in the realm of airport security in the last twenty years. The only thing that’s lame is their explanation for why they won’t do it when nobody who actually follows them is incompetent enough to believe that that’s the actual reason.

Make playing and winning the stock market mandatory in Hardcore Mode.

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It’s okay. I, too, was an edgy twelve-year-old at one point in my life. pat pat


That’s a more fair reason, but I still think it could work under the right circumstances. I think the most logical element to spicing it up would be to have it be a timed mission.

I think an airport level where you have 20-30 minutes to get to your target before they get on a plane and escape could be very interesting. The whole mission could be your target arriving at the airport, going through security, mingling in the waiting area and giftshops/restaurants, and then boarding the plane before take-off. You have to kill them before the plane takes off.

Or here’s an idea, you have two targets and they are going towards different planes. You know who one of these targets are but not their destination, you know what plane the other one will be on but you don’t know who they are. The first part of the level takes place on the airport where you have to kill one of your targets before they board their plane, the second part of the mission is on board of your other targets plane where you have to localize them and kill them while on the plane.

IMO, if there are going to be new syndicate types in the future, some gameplay twists besides unique optional objectives could work (increased guard presence, targets carry guns, an additional objective of having to pick up a key item, or even targets being able to evacuate the area, etc.)


I wish you could buy Freelancer tools directly from the safehouse.

When you lose a campaign and therefore all of the tools, it’s so annoying to have to run to the supplier repeatedly in order to get them all back. At first suppliers sell four tools, but the more tools a player has, the less items will be available from the suppliers. I think this whole process is really tedious and I wish there was a “buy all” option accessible from the safehouse.


I wish that when you mark a suspect as a prime suspect they have their own unique color different from the purple of the other suspects. That way it’s easier to track the leader on the opposite end of a level than opening the map to see where they are or demarking every other suspect which sometimes glitches and has them still show up in instinct.


Ability to bribe non-syndicate NPCs would add a use to mercers. Just pay about 10,000 and they either walk away permanently or no longer spot/react to illegal actions. Of course attempting to bribe a syndicate member should blow 47’s cover. Additional reactions could be leader/suspect fleeing, assassin immediately executing 47, etc.


Ooh, I like that idea. I’d say it should still allow for lookouts, as they’re not necessarily syndicate members, but otherwise that’s a cool idea, and it is something that the ICA, and to a lesser degree 47 himself, had historically done repeatedly to aid the mission.


Heisenberg, from all your past avatars I like this one most for its color sheme!


This is just a detail. But I miss those newspapers stating your actions in Blood Money.


Thinking about, it would be nice to have challenges to require the player to acquire certain titles like “melon man”, “shadow ICA assassin” and etc.


I generally enjoy Freelancer as it is. However, here are some changes I personally would love to see be implemented:

  1. Change the Fiber Wire to make it worth the purchase. Some ideas I have to accomplish this are to make the Fiber Wire a Legendary “Collectors Item” so it will be an item you won’t lose when you Prestige for no other reason than how iconic it is. To balance this, increase the price of it from 10,000 Merces to anwhere from 12,500-15,000 Merces (depending on how IOI wants to balance it). Keep it and the Quickdraw at only one gear slot and the Stethoscope in the Infirmary at two gear slots so there’s a reason to pick the Fiber Wire or Quickdraw over the Stethoscope.

  2. Allow us to choose which Briefcase out of the ones we’ve unlocked that we want to use for larger weapons. Similar to how we can choose which Suit we want to wear on a mission in the Wardrobe.

  3. Since before we ever reach Mastery Level 100 we’ll have more Merces than we’ll know what to do with, allow us to purchase up to a maximum of three extra Gear Slot Upgrades. (One for 25,000 Merces, Two for 50,000 Merces, and Three for 75,000 Merces respectively).

  4. More Challenges that reward suits for the main game’s Inventory (similar to the Challenges that reward the Gauze suit, and the Black Bruiser suit).

  5. Have a “Black Market Laptop” in the Safehouse’s underground bunker that allows 47 to buy/order any specific weapon/gear in Freelancer. However, to balance this, make it ONLY available after Prestiging at least once, keep the in-level Suppliers as they are (items available randomly), but are cheaper than buying it from the Black Market Laptop (in universe justification would be shipping costs - I would say IOI could make the items 10% to 25% price increase from the laptop depending on things like Gear Slots and Rarity).

  6. Finally add the ICA Outstanding Service Coin to Freelancer.

  7. More weapons/gear. A Legendary Assault Rifle and SMG would be nice. An example could be the Fusil X2000 Stealth Assault Rifle and the Bronson M1928 SMG (with 100 Round Drum Magazine). Buying these specific items in Freelancer would unlock them in the main game. Also, plese add the Druzhina ICA 34 Sniper Rifle from Hantu Port to both Freelancer and the main game and make it count towards the Strelok Challenge in Freelancer.

I’m currently running through the mode, and this is all I can come up with off the top of my head for the time being. I’ll make another comment here if I come up with anything else.


General proofreading, and making my ideas more clear.


Additions I came up with in regards to my previous comment:

To add to point number 3, another way to spend Merces could be implementing something from the main game into Freelancer - choosing weapons/gear to be delivered to in-level stashes and choosing your starting location. Again, make this only available after Prestiging at least once. Your starting location will be random just like it is already, unless you buy a guarantee with Merces. The “in-level stashes” could be a way for IOI and the community to compromise on things like rat poison, lethal pills, chloroform flasks, and other items being removed or having their locations moved in previous updates. It will keep IOI’s changes to keep the mode hard for new players at first, but will allow players who actually learned the maps to retain their knowledge of the maps and return said items to their locations or add items that never were there - it won’t take up a Gear slot, but will cost Merces. To balance it, it can only be items with no rarity, or common rarity.

I came up with another way to balance point number 5 (the Black Market Laptop in the underground bunker). Since shipping takes time in real life, make it so your weapon/gear orders will not be delivered to the Safehouse until at least going on a mission.

For point number 7 I made about more weapons/gear in Freelancer (and by extension points number 3 and 5), I would like items like the Goldbrick Proximity Mine, Nitroglycerin, Explosive Golf Ball, Explosive Baseball, Explosive Pen, “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack (Sedative), “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack (Emetic), and “Mixtape 47” added to the gear cases, and The Ducky Gun, The Floral Baller, and Hackl Sniper Rifle Covert “Ducky” Edition to the weapon walls, along with the Fusil X2000 Stealth, and Bronson M1928 I mentioned in the previous comment. The placement on the walls/in the cases will need to be adjusted and rearranged to fit everything.

Fix the textures on the Shashka A33 Gold and the ICA19 Goldballer to actually look golden in Freelancer (the main menu’s inventory screen for the Shashka A33 Gold also needs to be fixed as well).

New animations for laying on the bed or couch in the Safehouse.

I haven’t bought the Makeshift and Street Art DLCs yet because I’m not sure if they reset when Prestiging or are required to Prestige once you buy said DLCs. If they do reset and are required to Prestige once bought, please change that. I don’t want to be punished and forced to grind longer for buying a DLC. Maybe also have each Supplier sell one random DLC weapon you don’t own (from each pack you own) in addition to the Freelancer base game weapons (one random Street Art weapon you lost, one random Makeshift weapon you lost, and still sell one base game SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, and Melee weapon). That way, players thst lost a DLC weapon will still be able to purchase them from a Supplier in Freelancer, without being punished and making them grind longer to obtain the base game weapons that they may want instead.

Holiday DLC for the Safehouse: I would like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day specifically. Paintings, balloons, jack-o-lanterns, christmas tree, and so on. Possibly have Christmas and other Holdiay music available in the Safehouse (similar to how you can pick the Hitman WoA Trilogy music, Classical music, and so on). The Christmas music could also be nice if you just want music playing in the background while you’re opening gifts on Christmas. I would go for public domain songs if you don’t want to spend a lot on licensing. Maybe include a new unlockable suit representing each holiday available in the main game and Freelancer.

A “Patriotic DLC” that has National Anthems, patriotic songs, flags, banners, paintings, and other decorations for the countries that are available in Freelancer at the Safehouse. Maybe also include Romania, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, and Russia just to acknowledge the other maps in the game that couldn’t make it to Freelancer. This would be the Safehouse equivalent of the Aluminum Travel Briefcase, showing how 47 likes to travel. Maybe include each country’s National Flower for garden customization.