Freelancer | Patch 3.170.1 | Wishlists and Suggestions

The do reset when you advance your Prestige Level. But they are not required to advance.

I would love to have this as well :slight_smile:


That’s actually good to hear. Thank you for the information!

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posted this on another thread but it’s more of a wish list than a bug so i figured i’d throw it in here too

my target got startled and wondered all the way out here before i realised where she’d gone and the long jog out to her and back for an exit was agonising


Hello, there! How about daily/weekly challenges?

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Great idea. Could be a fun option for extra Merces and even gear depending on how it was implemented. :+1:

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Wish I could make a homemade silencer in the safehouse.


I wish a new future for security/police outfits: when someone sees a body and they report to you, if you’re close, I could kind of “dismiss” them, and avoid alerting security forces.


Nice! That would be a fantastic additional perk to guard disguises. :+1:


Add coop mode into freelancer that be great to take on


I wish there was more to unlock and buy in Freelancer (and by extension, the main game too just to keep it even).

I know I made a comment earlier in the thread about changes I’d like to see and mentioning weapons like the Fusil X2000 Stealth Assault Rifle, the Bronson M1928 SMG, and the Druzhina 34 ICA Sniper Rifle, and even the ICA Outstanding Service Coin, but there is more they can add to Freelancer that I’d like to see.

Things like the:

  • Hackl Ducky Sniper Rifle

  • Sedative Gum

  • Emetic Gum

@lukefsje also mentioned earlier in the thread that things like the Napoleon Blownapart, The Big One, the Sedative Mine from 7DS, and the Molotov Cocktail - which I would also love to see and am surprised some of these aren’t included on the weapon wall/gear boxes yet. I know some of them like the Napoleon Blownapart are in crates, I just wish there was an option to get to keep them at the Safehouse if you don’t use them in thr mission.

I really like his idea for suppliers selling them too.

I would even love to see the Mixtape 47 added if IOI would ever consider buffing the range on audio distractions (to make them more viable in both the main game and Freelancer).

The only issue I see with adding more items and weapons, is that you’ll need them to Prestige (like the two DLC packs). But there was a comment I read in another thread by someone else that something like any 131 weapons from the walls would be required for Prestiging. That would be a good fix in my opinion. That way, anyone who bought the DLCs don’t get screwed over when it comes to Prestiging, and when it comes to any potential weapons they can add.

Freelancer is fun, but I think having an even better variety of items to take into mission would also make it even better than it already is. That way, more strategies can be tried, or you can just mess around with a larger variety of equipment and weapons if you want.

I’m also really loving all the suit unlocks IOI keep giving us, and I hope we get some more cool ones. I like to dress for the specific mission I’m going to take in Freelancer.


I think along one of the walls, or behind one of the displays in the middle of the room with nothing behind them, there could be a sort of chest or cabinet or something that contains all leftover weapons and items that don’t have space on the walls or tool cases. It doesn’t have anything displayed to avoid IO having to make a spot for everything to be displayed, it’s just a place where everything not already given a display that’s available in the main game can be accessed and used in Freelancer. Of course, I’d also like everything available in Freelancer that’s not available in the main game, particularly in regards to certain silenced pistols, to be made available in the main game.


Your idea of a chest or a cabinet is pretty good, I didn’t even consider it. I really like your idea, and it makes it so IOI wouldn’t have to rearrange weapon/gear placements.

I also agree with your point of wanting things “available in Freelancer, but not the main game” to be unlockable - specifically the Water Canister and the Oil Canister. The assassin’s pistol would be cool too.

It’s been a while since I’ve played Freelancer, is the Floral Baller available in Freelancer? If it’s not, I’d like that added to Freelancer as well.


No, the Floral Baller is not available in Freelancer, which is one of the items I’m referring to that could go in the, shall we call it, the Everything Else cabinet.


Remove the prestige objective “Open safe- Explosive” for missions and showdowns that do not have safes in them.
This is especially annoying in hardcore mode as it leaves you with 2 choices rather than 3.


I think there could be a Prestige Objective for a Saber Kill/generic Sword Kill. There are POs for killing with a specific weapon like the katana, ice pick and shuriken and some syndicates have kill objectives for knives and axes but nothing for the saber.


Some sort of campaign summary screen after completing (or failing) a campaign would be neat.

The two screens that display prestige objectives and leader info are completely blank after finishing a campaign until starting a new one. I think this could be a good place to put the summary in a way that doesn’t disrupt players who don’t care about that fluff.

One screen could display a table with information for each syndicate such as targets killed, normal and prestige objectives completed, list of visited maps, merces earned and so on with a total at the bottom.
Other screen could be reserved for the leaders, listing their codenames and syndicate types in order. Other information for each leader could include tells, showdown location, rating for the showdown mission or kill method used.

There could be also a playstyle ranking for a whole campaign displayed somewhere in there. Counting all kill methods used and giving a rating based on that like individual missions already do sounds like the obvious solution, but it could instead use campaign-wide stats. For example, there could be a rating for prioritising one syndicate type, eliminating a major amount of assassins on each showdown, visiting a specific map multiple times or robbing a large amount of couriers.

I know any substantial updates are most likely over at this point, but I just wanted to get this out of me.


Another random idea for Freelancer I’ve had, which would add another factor to consider when picking capaign stages. When choosing a new syndicate, each choice would have a random “associate type” attached, similarly to how each one has a random list of maps chosen. Lore wise they could be shoehorned in to allude towards what kind of work targeted syndicate members do for the tracked leader.
These types would affect mission generation for non-showdowns, by shifting around weights of each possible target (aka making some more likely than others). Some examples of associate types:

  • Insiders: Favours high-tier civilians and other NPCs who linger in fortresses/secure areas. Possibly reduced target count.
  • Strike Team: Favours guard NPCs.
  • Recon: Favours low-tier civilians and other NPCs who roam public areas or have long loops.
  • Idk what to name it: Picks one or two neighbouring areas of a level. Heavily favours targets who spent most of their time in the selected area(s). Possibly increased target count.
  • A default option that doesn’t differ much from how it works right now.

This wouldn’t completely remove targets that don’t fit currently selected type, just make them less likely to appear.


1 thing that I’d like to see is to make every npc on every map in freelancer available to be a target.

We have enough gear to attack any npc and the fact that we don’t need SA unless it’s a chosen PO, the mode is becoming a bit repetitive with targets.

We’ve played enough of the game with even stationary elusive targets to be able to approach the mission with success.


This is the flaw of the Freelancer in the first place, and I don’t understand what makes Freelancer different from the main game or from contracts.
In my opinion Freelancer is just slightly extended Escalation Mode.
Contracts mode even better in this aspect, because you can choose any NPC to be a target.
Developers could have just extended conditions and restrictions in Contracts and it would’ve been better than Freelancer



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