Freelancer - Pre-Release Discussion

It would be cool if in the final version of Freelancer you can choose which briefcase to bring on the mission.

It’s not the end of the world if it’s not included, but it would be cool to have it as an added feature.


Am I the only one that doesn’t care about briefcases at all? Ever since they were added in H2, I just use the aluminum one because its the first one in the list and already highlighted. :sweat_smile:

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You’re probably not the only one, but you’re also probably in slim company. Sometimes the briefcase you use just looks better with certain outfits. The case that looks like 47’s traditional one is better in the signature suit and its variants. The slick black ICA briefcase looks best with the classic black suit and Raven suits. The plain black briefcase looks best with most maps’ default suit. So on and so forth. To complete the look when heading into a campaign, some of us would like to be able to select the briefcase we bring.


Honestly it could just be a safehouse option we haven’t seen yet in the CTT, since we were limited to level 25/100 (and even then it’s still possible IOI would reorganize the unlocks so that it would be available earlier).

It’s not a mastery option - it’s just more areas in the safehouse, more weapons, some Merces and a higher capacity cap of 15. Playing the CTT with Peacock, you easily set your mastery level to 100 and see everything that is tied to it even though it wasn’t meant to be accessible.

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Well, I’d still like to believe that even if your magic Peacock can do that, the Mastery levels and progression offered is still a pared-down version from what we might get in the full release.

Things like the gold guns collection would probably be added to the main game, but since there’s nowhere to unlock them for in the CTT, I can see the “award” part of challenges or mastery levels for the non-existent main game, removed… :crossed_fingers:

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Getting merces from the mastery struck me as odd by the way, what with them not being permanent. I doubt it, but maybe they were just placeholders.


I don’t like the idea of mastery earning anything you can then lose with no way to get back. Whether that’s merces, weapons, our suits, if I earn something through mastery, that should be permanent.


I guess it makes sense in that they are quite substantial amounts you get given, so even if you’re barely completing any objectives its still an opportunity to go to a supplier and choose what you want to spend them on - effectively allowing you to choose your own reward for reaching that mastery level (from the options the game presents with the supplier of course).

No, they’re pretty much what you should expect in the final game as up to level 100 has been populated in the game files.

The ornate, ancestral, and other sets of items will be unlocked through mastery levels. I don’t know if unlocking them in Freelancer will unlock them in the base game though.

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Dangit :sob: why must you people spoil these things for yourselves?


Re: Briefcases… I imagine one of the tables having more than one the player could pick from. Or something closer to the (plane ticket) exit.

This doesn’t mean that IOI can’t change and reorder those mastery levels in the final release though? If they didn’t plan on tweaking some settings they wouldn’t have needed a technical test in the first place.


Hey, could we keep the leaks in the leaks section please? CTT mastery only went to 25, anything datamined after that isn’t public knowledge. If you really must discuss leaks in the main thread, please at least put them behind a proper spoiler tag. Thanks.


I don’t mind loose these gold weapons, they’re ugly and bad in the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly! These leak data posts should be hidden instantly just like mine about political correctness controversy @Urben :rofl:

The tweaking IOI was doing was about earning/spending Merces and XP, so I don’t think any re-ordering or editing of the Mastery track is very likely to happen.

However, I still think that having Merces as rewards in the Mastery track is a very bad idea given how easy it is to lose, and how limited the Mastery track is… so I’m really hoping that either gets changed or was just a placeholder/bonus for the CTT to help players earn money and get into the spending feedback of it.


I think there’s a difference though. Earning a reward and having it available (even if you never use) still fills out the inventory. You’re always free to use if you want or to ignore if you don’t like it.

Just not liking an unlock and therefore preferring to never obtain it in the first place is different. I don’t ever wear suits with ties, but I’d be upset if they just disappeared from my inventory - I earned those suits, even if I don’t like them.


I’m not sure if there was before, but I’ve noticed a new image in IOI News:

Maybe is someway connected with Freelancer.

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It’s just a screenshot of the lawyer in Mendoza once he leaves the parking lot isn’t it?