Frisk option for storage weapon gun


What is happen to conceal carry? Guard is supposed to asking 47 for holding weapon until leaving guard area. Just like seafood mascara Inside contacts also codename mission, Japanese Chinese guard is “no wepons allow, we holding here In invisible storage. Arigato xie xie.” Can be please having holding wepons storage option for frisking? Shukran.


Well I have no fooking clue what he is saying with this one. I think Glacius is speaking his equivalent of tongues or gibberish. It is a Wingdings away from being Doop Speak to me.


seafood mascara


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I believe he is referring to having the option for guards to hold onto your weapons when they frisk you and happen to find anything. Rather than them starting to shoot at you. In Hitman Contracts, there were certain levels where they did that (not all but some) it just depended on the situation. However I don’t think it would fit in with the majority of the current Hitman levels. I mean, for example, in Bangkok. If they found out a guest was armed, I highly doubt they would just be like “sir, I’ll just hold on to these for you.” Same goes for Paris and Hokkaido (Hospital)


That is true. We already know the answer to Glacius’ questions the second he asks it is a stern no every time.


Alrighty… lol fair enough. Just thought I’d try to help translate also, Seafood Massacre was also the name of a mission in Hitman:Contracts. A mission where the guards would hold on to your weapons after getting frisked. Although, the only reason it worked (for that level) is because 47 was posing as a gang member about to enter a truce meeting between both Triads and the Chief of Police.


Sometimes it down right baffles me why 47 need to do all those mission to take down Lee Hong. Just go up to His House of Carnal Fun and Dim Sim, waste him and take the jade figurine. The resulting carnage would have been enough for him to slip out unabated.


I believe yesterday you said you never played Contracts, so if I may…

In the game, Diana has stated that The Red Dragon Triad was much too powerful to take Lee Hong head on. She states doing so, would be a suicide mission even for him as Hong was literally protected 24/7 by armed members. So the ICA had to weaken him by instigating a war between both Triads. I quite liked it to be honest. You have to keep in mind that at the time, Hong was not only one of 47’s 5 fathers. But also one of the most dangerous criminals in the world (in game world of course)


True I only know the basic story. I always found slowly weakening the Red Dragon Triad to be a good idea… just executed poorly. I find myself saying that a lot when it comes to Hitman.

There might actually be an insanely good Triad boss named Lee Hong. He would most likely be dead because the FF lived on super-science but still…


Well it was 2004 haha

But for a game though, I found the missions where you had to start a war between the two Triads more fun than the actual mission of taking Lee Hong out, himself.

It was fun killing the Red Dragon negotiator, then next, killing a bunch of Blue Lotus Triad members to make it seem like a retaliation.

Then when the chief of police stepped in for a truce meeting, 47 takes out both him and the Blue Lotus member so the Red Dragons (Lee Hong) would take the blame and get hit hard.

As you said, it may have been executed poorly, story wise (but then again hitman was never really good at storytelling lol) but gameplay wise, they were really fun to play in my opinion. Again, more than the actual Lee Hong contract


From a gameplay perspective it is most decidedly genius we have a variety of mission parameters that change because they are not typical hits. But having a good story to tie it together and not feel like objectives in my way was sorely needed. At the least I would have had a mission with 47 scoping out Cheng Cau restaurant to establish a threat.


Fair enough, I can respect that. I just believe they were just trying to “show” just how powerful Lee Hong really was…

That a person, even like 47 had to undergo a couple of inconvenient “objectives” just to get close to Hong.

It really did show us how powerful he was because even after doing those extra contracts to weaken him, he was still very much protected with basically a small army of dedicated soldiers. He even had like a 400lbs bodyguard that followed him everywhere, even tasted Hongs food before he ate it. Now that’s dedication lol


It’s the goddamn Blood Monkeys…

Kidding aside though, this might be an interesting idea for some militarized/criminal/underworld frisk zones.

So GAMA, which maintains an image of being totally civilian… sure they can be alerted to a gun found in a frisk zone.

But maybe for the IAGO auction for example, if you had an invite and walked in… These kinds of orgs half-expect people with nefarious backgrounds to come to the auction… so they may take your weapons at frisk zones.


It’s funny… only through my exposure to H2016 and H2 have I only started thinking now if the poison oppportunity for Lee Hong would work if his bodyguard was removed first… :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh IAGO VIPs are not frisked as al-Gahzali can attest too that is the only advantage of the sheik disguise. Besides IAGO used a civilian PMC force for their security and they still operate on their normal guidelines


The Sheik is also allowed in Margolis’ office and the room adjoining the auction (where Dalia talks about possibly eliminating Viktor).

The Sheik is my goto for any mission now in Paris.


This would only be logical if the targets are known to be armed and you can meet one in private disguised as one of the targets.


He means why guards not taking our weapons instead of trying to kill us. I’m agree with him.


I’m not positive, but I think I remember trying that YEARS ago… if my memory severs me correctly, I think Lee Hong will just sit there at the table for a while (not touching his soup in front of him) and then eventually return to his office…?