Frote's Speedrun Competition!

Inspired by @PEA and the Intel Speedrun Competitions, i’ve decided to organise a friendly speedrun competition, all platforms can participate.

There will be a prize of 100 euro for the winner, but the competition mostly serves to boost the activity a bit, and create a fun competition amongst speedrunners.

In order to enter you must join the discord server



  1. There are 3 contracts to be completed. As expected, you must aim for the fastest time completion. It is also required that you acquire a 5-star Silent Assassin rating.

  2. All speedrun submissions must be submitted in video format. YouTube links are the preferred method. Make sure the video shows the scoring screen where your time and score can be seen. (Title your video submission as the location, the time and your score. For example: Paris - 1:47 - 198,445 )

  3. Submission video links must be sent to one of the @admins for verification. (Send video links to @MulletPride or @Frote7) Deadline is August 23. No submissions will be accepted after this date.

  4. Do not post your video links in the chatrooms for others to see. There is a high chance your strats will be copied. (If you use YouTube uploads, make your videos ‘Unlisted’ so your subscribers cannot see and copy your strats.)

  5. No in-game exploits may be used. This competition is for legit competitors only. Admins will decide if an exploit was used or not.

  6. Please be respectful in the chat rooms.

  7. Feel free to message the admins about anything if you have any questions.

I’m looking forward to see all your runs!

Huge shoutout to @MulletPride for being a big help with this competition. He made all the artwork and the discord server, so show him some love!


Also, please share the word around guys! The more the merrier, and all platforms can participate



Great idea man and thanks so much for this competition!
Would be nice to win it, August 24 it’s my birthday :slight_smile:


Me too.

Nah I’m just kidding :joy::joy::joy: Can you imagine?! Best of luck to all though!


Great idea babe :kissing_heart: nice art work @MulletPride

Tagging: @Euler13 @Yellow_ZR1 @rattleshnake @Ed_ll3 @Franz @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @clckr @Ibbe040 @Tatort13407


Thank you! @Club47

I plan on doing updates as it goes, which means more artwork to come.


Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile:

Good luck!


You sound suprised :smirk:


You always surprise me :blush: Never boring with u :kissing_heart:

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@Euler13 is going to destroy this


Lol August 23rd is my b-day. I don’t use discord or can screen record my PS4 so I won’t participate but I like the idea. Good luck to the folks playing :+1:


Just install discord it’s easy to get around with. I started using it in Nov. It’s a fun way to communicate with the community.

Why can’t you screen record? Is your memory full or what?

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Memory is not full it’s just I have no idea how to get screenrecorded videos out of the Ps4. Also I doubt I have much chance at winning so I am not gonna bother. Best I have ever done on the leaderboards was 10th.

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You can connect your youtube account and upload videos directly from your ps4 with the share button. Short of that, you can copy it to a usb stick.


I do want to stress that this is a friendly competition. Just our community having fun together and coming up with great runs. There will be only 1 winner at the end, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from having a good time.

It’s only 100 euros afterall, nothing lifechanging

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Yeah, it’s mostly for the adrenaline rush of competing :smiling_imp::joy:

I will get rekt anyway lolzzzzz


No separation between PC and console?

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I would like to participate, but realisticly there is no way to beat some of great players here.
Lol, but i will see.

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No, just 1 big familiy

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just use the “share” button on your dualshock 4 controller. it will then say “record that” or “clip that” or something of the sorts. you can actually go to broadcast and recording settings in the PS4 dashboard to edit those settings.