Fugu Fish Missing

The Fugu fish in Hokkaido won’t be in your inventory if you crouch before grabbing it

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Spawn as a chef in Hokkaido
  • Grab the knife to the left
  • Crouch run to the Fugu fish interaction
  • Cut Fugu fish

Expected Result:
The Fugu fish should be in my inventory
Actual Result:
The Fugu fish is missing from my inventory.
Game Version:
System Settings:
Xbox One S, Xbox Insiders Beta, version 1910.190706.1920

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Simple fix:

don’t crouch while cutting the fish


It’s not a fix, it’s a way to avoid it.
But it does not fix this.

@ElijahPepe we have a dedicated thread for messages like this.
That thread is watched closely by developers and this thread might left unnoticed by them.
Repost this message here:

P.S.: ‘Insiders beta’ looks like unfinished experimental version that is being currently developed, so it’s not surprise to me that game will behave strange on some beta things, especially ‘insiders’, cuz this builds are often containing bugs

Edit: Works for me on PC


Just want to throw my hat into the ring and mention I experienced this on PC as recently as a few days ago. I was making a featured contract submission, and for a bit I was playing around with possibly including a fugu kill in my contract. Didn’t even notice the fugu venom had disappeared from my inventory until I’d made a lap around the complex and came back to the kitchen to try to poison the cooking pot. Ultimately decided to cut it from my contract to avoid any possible weirdness. =)

Hi, @misterkiller!

Thanks for the quick response, I have strangely tried this bug a few times myself. Crouching is a random experiment, but I believe using the tranquilizer to pacify both chefs/skipping the cutscene may have caused it.