Fun Challenges


So, @Tigh_Himespost in the Miami forum has inspired me to start this thread:

What are some fun challenges you’ve done, seen someone else do, or would like to attempt, in the Hitman franchise? Examples would be trickshots with explosives, kill everyone runs, etc.

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Kill everyone

everyone has done it at some point


With Fiber Wire SA/SO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Well, Suit Only lmao

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Patient Zero. It’s possible :eyes:

I like to do “Kill all guards” runs every now and again but the catch is that only melee weapons are allowed. Shurikens are useful as hell for these runs. This is why I NEED that Ninja suit to be put into the inventory.



Yeah, I’ve done a couple in my time!

Shameless plugs:

Oh yeah, I know what you mean! All guns blazing isn’t a true Hitman experience IMO!

This is true. If only someone had started asking about this exact scenario recently… :wink:

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