Fun Facts about Hitman

A thread dedicated to Hitman Fun Facts.
They don’t really have to be mindblowing. Just something interresting about hitman that other people may not know.
I’ll start. In polish version of the game the raven suit is called: Thw Rieper Suit. I kinda find it more interresting and fitting than raven.


From what I can remember, David Bateson’s stage manager at the theatre was the one that suggested he do Codename 47 and in the second game, that stage manager joined him in Silent Assassin. The stage manager was the voice actress for the original Diana (Vivienne McKee).


AND! David Bateson is very distantly related to William Shakespeare, according to the man himself.


Traci Lords, who voiced Layla Stockton in Absolution and Dexy Barat and Maya Parvati in HITMAN, was an underage porn actress who got into the business at the age of 16. All but the last of her porn videos are banned.

William Salyers, who voiced Erich Soders, voiced Rigby in The Regular Show and Dr Otto Octavius In Spider-Man PS4.


How, may I ask, did you find this information out, and do I need to call the police?

How is that even a fun fact? And why bring up that her videos are banned…

David Carradine was supposed to be in Hitman Absolution as Blake Dexter however he was… all tied up so the role went to another person. His brother Keith plays Wade.

Not fun, but definitely interesting.

I read Lords’s Wikipedia page. In 1986, X-Citement Video owner Rubin Gottesman was sentenced to one year in jail and a $100,000 fine for child pornography.


Ah, okay. That’s a relief, I guess.

Let’s not forget that the barcode was for sex toys on amazon

Is it though? I mean he spent a year in jail for child pornography, a measly year. If I had my way he wouldn’t see the sun again until it swallowed the fucking Earth.

I was referring to the fact that @Markie had found out about Traci Lords’ child pornography from Wikipedia rather than by actively witnessing it firsthand. I agree with you though, Gottesman definitely should’ve been sentenced to far more than just a year and fine.

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I know just decided to teach you a lesson in exact wording cause I am an anally retentive asshole.

Yeah. Reminds me of Cardinal Pell. He really should get more than six years or whatever it was.

He only got six years? The hell?
Edit: and a non-parole period of three years and eight months.

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Yep and since he is a man of the cloth he might be out at the end of that N-PP. That is also not factoring if the High Court doesn’t grant him an appeal.

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Six years isn’t enough for that piece of shit. Using your position of power in a religious institution to molest people


True but then again that cunt is as old as the Vatican nature will take him at some point. Then he will see how righteous his god is.

He will strike down upon him with great vengeance and furious anger


You know that and the following “lay my vengence” part is the only legit biblical part of the Ezekiel passage Jules recites? Not a Hitman Fun Fact but still a Fun Fact. it actually is Ezekiel 25:17

Another fun fact: it’s not “Royale With Cheese”, it’s Le Royale Cheese

Also, nice name change

Sum Yung Gai, fuckin really?

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