Funny Pictures/Video Thread


What is that player? Where do you find these? There is no share button, no URL, nothing, if I want to show one of your videos to someone, I have to redirect them to your post here.


imgur and then right click and choose “Copy video address”



noice, I like this one




When someone says Deus Vult memes aren’t funny

@Spodey’s reaction



Not My Lawn; Not My Problem.


Worst MMO ever

When you’re ready to crusade for Jerusalem, but you end up in a 21st Century living room.




Well today I decided to play some Rocket League again.

I immediately got reminded why I stopped playing this game.

I lol’d by the way.


It’s supposed to be a friendly sports game. :confused:


Well, nothing left of that friendly with all these 7-year olds :frowning:


I played Rocket League against a team of all Irish guys who kept yelling BREXIT!! Every time they scored against our team. That was pretty funny. And yesterday I played a few rounds of Rainbow Six Siege against a guy with the username xxTrumPxx who said he was going to “make orange team great again” - Apparently not recognizing the irony in that statement. Then he converted some random Italian guy in the game to be his disciple and he kept typing DEPORTED every time he got a kill or his team won. Eventually we steamrolled them 3-0 and after every round we typed YOUR DEPORTATION ORDER HAS BEEN RULED UNLAWFUL BY THE COURTS, BITCH.

Video games, guys. Video games.


I’m confused; who are you referring to here?




Not AC3 as the image suggests. But Revelations and before… fucking satan, this so much…