Funny Pictures/Video Thread


The more I stare at it, the faster it seems to go.


Yeah only the first 30 times Quinn posted it :wink:


Any time I’m feeling down, I just remember Richard Spencer got punched in the face and I feel happy again :blush:


Time flies when you are having fun.


United new airport security chief.

Hint it has something to do with the first picture

Good guy Southwest

Chinese Takeout

When you’re on a United flight today and someone says the plane is starting to look a bit full.

Your money is no good here

CEO of United: "I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers."


Mandatory training video before booking a flight with united:


How does one not love it!



My Star Wars sprit is high at the moment, wonder why :open_mouth:

Come over

Order 66

Tricks and sorcery

I’m not a crook

What ground to take

The End

I would so much listen to this!

Sand it get’s every where

Oh you

Love ones

I am the senate

Don’t look at them Annie

Does he?

Somebody cut C3PO short of completing this sentence

I would if i could

The Worst

Oh obi

Pff we get it already

Yaas girl omg i would so much die

The Third Star Wars Story

From my point of view

Story jedi will tell you

There is no reason to try and download the Deathstar plans

Oh the irony

It was all a lie

The senate

Leaked pictures from the Italian version of Revenge


i fucking hate that ad







mrw low energy memes


I had an emotional outburst at the end.
Is this normal?



smart move :stuck_out_tongue:


Rare photo of Donald Trump smiling lol