Funny Pictures/Video Thread




Still better than sending Bothans to the ATM

Hey you there!

They took our jerbs

New level of stupid

The test is in

and the source


Best video ever made :joy:



Hahaha, good luck typing that address into a web browser :joy:


You probably get the job right away if you have the patience to do that.




E X T R A T H I C C this gets me every time :laughing:


My wife and I have a sidekick on the way (not me)


So you’re not having a baby or you’re not the sidekick?
Congratz either way!


Was this a serious question?

If so, this is the funny pictures/video thread and Mads is known to put titles (mostly to provide context) on all that he posts here. So this is not related to his reality.


I’m joking as well :stuck_out_tongue:



The emoji partially made it look so, but the way it was redacted seemed legit. Sorry.





Guy in blue : Aaand here’s my underwear! Looks like my friend’s trying to shake his pants off.