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What do you mean by this…?


I dunno how I can be any more clearer than that.

You talking about calm down before the thread gets locked. Off what? No flames, no personal attacks, no one is even cursing. So did you really mean “calm down” cause everyone seems calm to me

Or did you really mean for me to buzz off.


Which makes it more ridiculous. Putting Pepe on the same list with SS bolts and the swastika was the moment where I stopped taking it seriously.

A meme which, okay let’s be honest here, sometimes tries to be as offensive as possible is by far not the same as the symbol of a nation which tried to establish national socialism by a world war.

I wont argue about this here anymore. I like to play Hitman. I answer PMs if someones really cares about the view of a random member here.


Course not.
It just looked like everybody would start quoting each other, adding ´Top kek´ or ´Kek kek kek´. This would end up as spamming, which could get the thread locked.
I didn´t mean for you to buzz off or anything.


Saying “You can’t take accusations of racism seriously because of Pepe” shows how effective it has been for the alt-right to co-opt Pepe for their own purposes. He’s being used as a front to sell white nationalism to impressionable young men who spend a lot of time on the internet, using
memes as a front for a legitimate and very disturbing worldview - and hardly anyone is questioning it. Even the guy who created Pepe (He was a character in an online comic called Boys Club) killed him off, because he admitted that the character was now beyond salvation and had become a symbol of the alt-right now.

Edit - Whoops didnt mean to reply to you there @Wakanda , more of a general response



Minions ? they’re literally out of control and will soon invade your girl friends and other relatives you might have.




“the great replacement”? that’s a new one i’ve never heard before. these alt-right cucks are coming up with new jargon everyday.

those “kekistan” idiots are not just trying to be edgy. lots of white supremacists pretend to joke about racism, since those cowards cannot even own up to their beliefs



great history lesson :smiley:


my first ytp. sorry for the shit quality


so this happened


MRW Marvel want to top Vader


The gif is missing Jameson’s “You’re serious?”, it’s very fitting given the context.

Also, on the topic of villains.





HE’S REAL!!! :scream:


Wtf dude :joy: :joy:



if this is true, then the little shit deserved it


Good, little Nazi prick deserves it