Funny Pictures/Video Thread


Also, ACTUAL DIALOGUE from Wolfenstein 2. These devs are being Meta af

Nazi 1: I have no sympathy for terrorists. How can they promote violence towards us, just because we hold a different point of view?

Nazi 2: They are violent creatures, Karl.

Nazi 1: I think they were born without a moral compass. We are humans too, aren’t we? Violence only begets violence.

Nazi 2: You’re right Karl. Acts of violence are never okay. Never.

Nazi 1: What kind of society would this be if I were to kill anyone who does not subscribe to my viewpoint?

Nazi 2: A war zone Karl. It would be a war zone.

Nazi 1: Makes me sick. By the way, did you apply for the New Orleans assignment?

Nazi 2: I did! Are you going?

Nazi 1: Damn straight!

Nazi 2: Maybe we’ll be in the same death squad?

Nazi 1: I hope so! We work well together, don’t you think?

Nazi 2: I do!


He punched his grandfather in the face and it’s a Nazi. He deserves this, if it’s true.


Star Trek memes

You are a rebel and a traitor!

You wouldn’t download a youngling






Not even trying to come up with a title


More high ground


Gotta go fast


I will admit to be triggered.



Kinda NSFW.

I just had to.


Something seems amiss.Thunk


Yeah that Shark looks alright to me.


I’m wondering how does one even come up with stuff like this. A guy’s looking at a woman’s behind and thinks “Hey, this looks just like a dolphin’s head”… smh. :thinking:


Idk, thats why it’s so funny :smiley:


i was wondering what’s wrong with the dolphin’s eye luuul


fresh meme straight from the oven


he looks like he wants to die


Well, nobody forced him to accept the offer to play a piece of shit emoji.


BROOOO what is this :laughing:


Guessing “Grandpa” prefers Burger King.


This guy’s spirit is amazing, love how he just enjoys his tics with his friends :smiley:


I’ve got Tourettes too, and usually find most humour about it to be more stigmatizing than anything else - But looking at his channel he seems to have a lot of informative videos that demonstrate how it affects him, as well as trying to make a few people laugh along the way. Good for that guy.

I think the rise of the Internet has been a good thing for ordinary people with uncommon disorders like Tourettes to do their little bit to help educate the public about it. It’s a very misunderstood disorder. partly because of constant shitty representations in movies and media. I blame Deuce Bigalow, heh


The Art of Rip Off





1v1 me scrub

Being Black in China

It sicking

I found these assault rifle bullets from the streets. See how they got different sizes for shooting different sized people, disgusting.