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look at this neckbeard.
look at him and laugh.



Seriously though, did they really do that to Rick & Morty’s staff? The SJW thing?


So you’re “seriously” asking if hiring women is a “SJW thing” now?

I would rephrase that.

I do not know anything about this subject but a google search of “Rick and Morty” showed that the main cast is mostly women. I do not know about the writers.


Mostly men = normal, default
Mostly women = unnatural, SJW

This is why I will call bullshit on anyone who says “sexism is over” in 2017


Iam assuming you mean if they got women in order to appease some group of people.

As far as I know it is not true. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland said before season 3 that there simply happened to be a bunch of spec scripts by women writers that they liked this year. I don’t know about 75% either. As I understand it it’s actually 50/50.




No, I said that because the image Niobium posted phrased it like that.


this is art


And in jobs as a caregiver there are more women than men and it’s not normal for more man to work there. I don’t think something like that is sexism but rather different interests of female and male🤔


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What daFak was that intro :joy: Liked and subscribed :slight_smile: Can you make more dev diary videos?





White POW…oh no



sure my man! :wink:



Beautiful video characteristics, master. :wink:





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