Funny Pictures/Video Thread





I can’t help but think Nicholas Cage invented the fine art of photobombing with this monstrosity during Sean Connery’s Oscar winning speech for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the 1988 ceremony.


and to think this is just 5 years after Never Say Never Again.

That said the hair Sean sports was never his in any of the Bond movies, since he lost it at the age of 20.


Wow didn’t know that.Interesting…
However I think he looks better bald and with beard.



And finally…
I think he spends WAAAAY too much time watching his master play HITMAN.




i just made another youtube poop


Here’s something for IO to parody/reference next season:


Captain Kirk is climbing the mountain. Why is he climbing the mountain?






Lower panel in the left comic strip perfectly describes why I despise actors/musicians/other famous people going political despite them having no idea what are they talking about.


Yes yes, we all know you hate people talking about politics. You can stop saying that in every thread now.



You rang?



Surely you’re going to be ideologically consistent and admit that you despise Donald Trump, right? After all, he’s a

guy who is



Have a meme for your troubles, y’all